Lichfield’s MP says he has not experienced high levels of correspondence from residents calling for the Prime Minister to go.

Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament
Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

Michael Fabricant made his comments as pressure continues to build on Boris Johnson in the wake of revelations about parties and gatherings at Downing Street during the pandemic.

Conservative MPs including Tobias Ellwood and Andrew Bridgen are among those who have publicly questioned the Prime Minister’s future.

But Mr Fabricant said he had not seen the levels of criticism being reported elsewhere.

“I have had 31 identical emails from different people calling for Boris to resign and about 20 more from constituents with the same call but in their own words.

“This is far fewer than most campaigns – and that’s out of more than 76,000 voters.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Mr Fabricant has previously said Boris retained his backing following efforts to deliver Brexit and his work on dealing with the Covid pandemic.

He said:

“I think that the hatred of Boris is not just that he delivered Brexit, but is driven by the very real fear that he could deliver the next General Election too.”

Michael Fabricant MP

But Mr Fabricant’s support of the Prime Minister has caused disruption in the Conservatives locally, with Cllr Alistair Little quitting the Tories after more than 20 years.

The Hammerwich with Wall representative at Lichfield District Council – who will now sit as an independent member of the local authority – described the MP as “a fawning backbench embarrassment”.

43 replies on “Lichfield MP says he has not been contacted by large numbers of residents calling for the Prime Minister to resign”

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  1. Exactly how might you contact Fabbo anyway? Email, is that it? No office in town, no surgeries (unlike many assiduous MPs from all parties)…….only seems to surface for photo ops, elections and shopping at Waitrose when actually in the constituency.

  2. Well of course residents might think it is a waste of time. He would have got more if he hadn’t closed his local constituency office that many other MP’s have for the benefit of their constituents and he had included the many negative comments directed at him on Lichfield.

    Of course, popularity is less important than doing the right thing I would suggest.

    Does he have a view on the way the Conservative leaders at the County Council gave gave public money to a Conservative Election Candidate he campaigned for last year? If it had been a candidate/councillor from another political party he’d be issuing news releases and tweets on a daily basis.)

  3. I see that our MP has suggested that the BBC is attempting a coup against the PM by reporting on comments by Tory MPs.

    If he wants to talk about coup attempts perhaps he should look at Johnson’s illegal proroguing of Parliament in 2019, later reversed by the Courts.

    Perhaps, when it comes to Mr. Fabricant, the electors of Lichfield should take a leaf out of Oliver Cromwell’s statement to the Rump Parliament in 1653:

    ‘You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately … in the name of God, go!’

  4. “ But Mr Fabricant said he had not seen the levels of criticism being reported elsewhere.” …because we all know that he’s a sycophant and criticism will fall on deaf ears so there’s little point.

  5. I get my shopping delivered from Waitrose. I’m happy to pay for the privilege of avoiding both COVID-19 and Michael Fabricant.

    I understand that Mr Fabricant did receive many outraged emails and letters from his constituents over the Dominic Cummings affair. He responded to us with a boilerplate letter full of platitudes. As it’s obvious he doesn’t take his constituents’ concerns seriously I would imagine that people have stopped bothering.

    It’s time to go Mr Fabricant, you are neither useful nor ornamental here.

  6. I didn’t bother mailing him because he’s made it very clear what his views are so thought ‘what’s the point’.
    But, after seeing Lichfield on Newsnight last night and seeing how he’s now saying people are stopping him in the streets here to support Boris Johnson (I dont believe that, everyone round my way is furious with him), I will be mailing him today.
    I wasn’t able to see my aunt on her 80th birthday. She was poorly and it was her last birthday and she later died in ICU.
    The only way I was able to go to her funeral was by driving to the crematorium and standing by the car door, couldn’t go in, couldn’t hug my cousins.
    So I am disgusted by the No10 antics. My experience is nowhere near as bad as many others but it was still really upsetting.
    It’s no wonder this country locked down late and opened up early, the govt let everyone catch covid because the govt itself was having a good old knees up every week so they think that’s the way to go.
    Fabricant is making Lichfield a laughing stock, like we’re all in Royston Vasey. Well I’m livid and if Fabricant held surgeries I’d go along to make it crystal clear to him what my feelings are.
    Johnson needs to go now.

  7. Who is Mr Fabricant? Why do the people of Lichfield keep voting him in for goodness sake. He is rarely seen and can only be contacted by e mail. We need a change someone who gets involved and does the job!

  8. For the record, I have just emailed Mr Fabricant calling for Boris Johnson to resign, so that’s another one for his inbox. Used my own words and everything!

  9. It seems obvious that if Boris Johnson goes then that makes Fabricants tenure untenable. As he has nailed his colours to the mast in his support then he must go down with him.
    Long overdue for the good he has done this constituency.

  10. I’ve emailed ouf MP about the Alexander Johnson “parties” issue on several occasions. I only get bog standard replies and no answers to my specific points. Compare this with his effusive reply to me about the Alrewas railway plan.
    I assume there is no way of checking how many emails he’s received so we have to take his word for it…….hmmmm.
    I can see him now looking in different shop windows and asking his reflection for its views.

  11. He has an email from my Wife & myself requesting Boris is gone by Tuesday night when he due to meet HM The Queen.

  12. You emailed him and got no reply what a surprise ,he only answers those that worship him,it is about time he returned to Brighton

  13. Dear Mr Fabricant,

    I have previously attempted to contact you via the stated channels on your website, and have received only standard boilerplate replies. As such, I have felt it to be pointless to contact you over the current scandals facing the government, especially given your own clearly stated support for Mr Johnson.

    But just in case you read this thread, to help avoid any doubt: I firmly believe that Boris Johnson should resign.

    Sincerely Yours,

    A constituent.

  14. I have emailed on various issues previously and get a ‘standard’ letter back – certainly not personal in any way and didn’t address the issues I was questioning about. I don’t propose to get anything different this time and can’t see Fabricant doing anything about it. Johnson needs to go as does Fabricant. An absolute disgrace!

  15. As most people know, it’s virtually impossible to contact Michael Fabricant, & if one does, there’s no sensible reply.

    How about we just book him & Alexander B.P. Johnson & double seat on the next train to Cloud Cuckoo Land!!

  16. Where is the old Fabbo we used to know? The maverick who was independant and outspoken, full of contradictions but still a Tory that we could engage with and oppose. What a sad state of affairs that our own MP can’t detach himself from the madness that has infected the body politic, and make a contribution to re building our governance. Time to get out the Micky Fab costume and start a new career?

  17. Editor, show the article comments to Mr Fabricant.

    Ive wrote to Michael Fabricant regarding problems with the Ombudsman. He never wrote to them but neither gave a single t**** nor did he actually raise the issues at hand. So my emails to him were glanced over at best. Yet what should I expect from the mini Johnson whom bares not a single ounce of common sense. The conservatives are in a world of their own, where they feel they dont need to follow the rules like the rest of this country, an that they dont need to answer anything asked of them. Well you can bet one thing that will change for them, an thats from all these lies comes truth finally but what sbout the rest? Such as cash for becoming a Lord and so on. The people of this country will never forget what the conservative party has done, it betrayed the peoples trust and tried to think we were blind to see it. No more should the dark be allowed to shroud them, so they can fund they own investments, more needs to be done.

  18. I think most people would regard it as a waste of time trying to contact MF, especially as there is a campaign going on Facebook asking how he can be got rid of.

  19. It should be remembered that in our so called democracy it is always a minority of the population that elects the ruling party. There is always more of the population who did not support them. Further, we do not have a say in who is given the post of Prime Minister. This main puppeteer dictates the whole direction our lives take. It is unlikely that altruistic people reach this post. In fact it amazes me how many former Prime Ministers go on to be multi millionaires.
    Enough has been said about Johnson. He epitomizes self serving and self promotion; even down to his Downing Street flat ! I did not vote him in. I cannot vote him out. I am dictated to by an individual who’s opinions and actions I think untruthful and odious.

  20. Johnson purports to be a student of Classics. He will doubtless remember this from Julius Caesar.

    “If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it.”

  21. Mr Fabricant demonstrates once again how out of touch he is with the realities of life. A large proportion of people in this country have lost all faith and interest in politics. They think that there is no point in raising their voices as nothing will change. The two party political system, the voting system in parliament, and the actions of many politicians over the years has sent them into a state of apathy. The poor turn out for elections is one example of the result. It also helps to explain why the Tories keep getting elected and we end up with a comedy cartoon character like Boris Johnson as PM. This is the reason why you haven’t been inundated with emails, Mr Fabricant. The plethora of comments on this site every time your name is featured in an article shows that a lot of people are fed up with you and the rest of the Tory government, but sadly most people have lost interest.

  22. Robin Taylor – Fabricant has always been this way there never was an old Fabbo. He has just been getting worse particularly since Brexit which he seems to think gives him licence to say such crazy things as the BBC is staging a coup against Boris and trolling his own constituents on his Twitter feed.

  23. It is also worth noting that whilst most MPs have their Westminster email address clearly visible in multiple places Mr Fabricant does not. A while back, having worked out what said email address must be, I sent him an email and got a curt response telling me to use his website form instead. I can only assume (a) there is a specific reason he won’t respond to his work email address but there wasn’t either the intelligence or courtesy to mention why in the automated response or (b) this is a deliberate tactic to avoid engaging with his constituents. Either way it is thoroughly depressing to see our MP behave the way he does, particularly of late.

  24. This MP is in my opinion completely out of touch with the real world. He’s a toady, asking infantile questions of no substance in Parliament. His TV appearances are cringe worthy. I’ve sent him several mails asking him to ask the MHRA why they are not investigating the 1800+ deaths and 1,300,000+ adverse reactions reported on the Yellow Card system. All to no avail and only one reply, he’s not interested.
    I’ve voted tory most of my life, I’m in my 70,s, and didn’t vote for the policies they are pushing through parliament. Don’t remember seeing Agenda 21/30, build back better, the green economy, the great reset, ID cards/health passports, loss of rights and freedoms in the manifesto. We’ve got to put a stop to this dictatorship, removing Johnson doesn’t necessarily change the course being directed by the globalists, the politications we have are puppets. If you think we have a two party system or if we change the leadership then everthing goes back to normal then we are dillusional.
    This tyranny stops when people say NO.

  25. I’m assuming Mike is part of this save big dog operation.

    Well, the bigger the dog, the bigger the …

    And that seems to be the case with the lame tories joining in this phase of proceedings.

    What a shambles this all is. People have their memories of the lockdown and the restrictions and their anger isn’t going away.

    In fact, this big dog rubbish is making my older, extremely-Tory voting neighbour even more angry today. He was taking his bin in and just told me he’s going to vote for the reform party if they stand, Labour if they don’t but if Labour aren’t doing enough when he can vote, he’ll not vote at all. This guy wears a blue rosette at elections…well, he used to. He said big dog sounds like his ‘naughty grandson trying to get away with pinching his sister, blaming his toys for accidentally pinching her for the umpteenth time even when their mom can see them’.

    So there you are, big dog, big…

  26. If anyone is thinking of voting for the Reform party rather than the Conservatives on the basis of Boris’s lies and hypocrisy, they have not understood what is wrong the current Tories. That’s like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

  27. @Carl Sholl, you should rejoice that a lifelong tory voter like my poor, deluded neighbour won’t vote for them again. It’s gone too far for him with the clown pm, he thinks the tories are ‘liars and spivs’. He may go for reform, a joke of a party imo, but if they got enough votes from the type who vote Fabricant to split his vote, then what’s not to like?
    (Said neighbour has a terrible picture of Churchill in his porch, it’s a bulldog dressed in a suit with a cigar. Nuff said…).

    All we would need then is a bit of a Labour/Lib Dem progressive alliance to happen and, well, you never know what could happen. Certainly reduce the obscene majority here at the very least…

  28. It’s fine if the PM doesn’t leave. The Labour Party will love that and it will mean you will lose next election. Carry on with your head in the sand.

  29. We now know what ‘putting party before country’ looks like.

    It is the Conservative Party right now.

  30. Hi Alister,
    I can understand your frustration but you do not take into account that Boris and his team may have saved up to 22 million lives in the UK, no other PM has done this.
    You should remember that those who do nothing like Kier Starmer don’t make mistakes. Perhaps you should join the Labour Party you could be known as:-
    MR Do Little all talk no action.

  31. Like most I am fed up with Mr Fabricants automated replies. I would prefer both Boris and Fabricant to resign with immediate effect (another email in your inbox)
    I would love to stand at the next election on an SNP mandate just to see how disappointed the voters of Lichfield are with the major parties. Now wouldn’t that get Lichfield noticed.

  32. Whatever you think of the veracity of the PM’s statements, it remains the case that the nation is being led by a bloke who has to have a high-level, long lasting enquiry to tell him if he attended a gathering of 30 people in his own back garden or not.

    Is that really the calibre of man you want at the helm?

  33. I have also written to Mr Fabricant to express my view that the PM must resign. Given his touching appeal to his constituents, I felt it would be rude not to.

  34. We cannot elect a Prime Minister, our democratic process does not allow us that. We can elect a representative of our constituency. What exactly are we looking for? A party man/woman who will abandon us once we have given the seat, or one (of any party) who will work for the constituency and argue our needs in parliament?
    Well I know what we have now, and I understand that he is in his position because of party allegancies but, having experienced the negative consequences, perhaps we might vote for the person not the party next time.

  35. I wrote to mr fabricant on Friday, he’s still not replied. Guess he’s too busy doing the rounds of tv and radio stations

  36. Like everyone else I get fed up with Michael Fabricant’s bog standard same reply to everyone. I even read his reply to my email about Prime Minister Johnson, which I suspect is more than he did with my email. Having read his letter defending Johnson, I suspect MF doesn’t even read the stuff that comes to us in his name. His letter and the litany of excuses and explanatory “nuances” for Johnson’s behaviour is embarrassing. You would hope that a person being paid £8O k a year, plus expenses for secretarial staff, would be able to put together a far more convincing letter attempting to justify his leader’s appalling behaviour. I reckon Johnson knows his time is up if MF’s defence of him is the best he’s got.

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