Paint on the walls at the UAV Engines site in Shenstone
Paint on the walls at the UAV Engines site in Shenstone. Picture: Neil Terry

Five activists have been arrested after the latest protest at a Shenstone factory.

Paint was sprayed on the UAV Engines building and one campaigner attempted to glue themselves to site, the Palestine Action group has said.

The protesters say the action is in response to engines made in Shenstone being used in Elbit Systems’ Israeli military drones.

A spokesperson for Elbit Systems said the attempted action had not disrupted work at the Lynn Lane facility:

“An attempted violent attack against UAV Engines was foiled this morning by our security team, working with the police.

“A group armed with wrecking equipment were prevented from gaining access or causing any damage.

“The safety of our staff is our top priority and thanks to our security, the site remains fully operational.

“Elbit Systems UK proudly provides vital equipment for the British military and it is highly irresponsible to attempt to illegally disrupt this work and endanger employees’ safety.”

Elbit Systems spokesperson

A Palestine Action spokesperson said:

“When we strike at Elbit, we challenge not only the colonial violence they are responsible for, but also the violence of borders and policing.

“They ravage countries, forcing citizens to flee – then when they try and seek sanctuary in Britain they face surveillance at the border, aided by Elbit technlogies.”

Palestine Action spokesperson
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