Cllr Richard Cox and Cllr Liz Little
Cllr Richard Cox and Cllr Liz Little

The move to de-select a Conservative councillor has been branded “a terrible decision” by one of her cabinet colleagues.

Cllr Liz Little was told she would not be able to stand as a Tory candidate in the May local elections in the Stonnall and Little Aston ward she currently represents.

Cllr Richard Cox, cabinet member for engagement, said the decision to remove her in favour of two male candidates was “not a good look”:

“I’m very sorry Liz has been de-selected.

“She is a very good colleague on the cabinet at Lichfield District Council.

“A terrible decision.”

Cllr Richard Cox, Lichfield District Council

Due to the location of the ward, the decision to de-select Cllr Little was made by the Tamworth branch of the Conservative association.

She has since been suspended by the party locally after speaking out about the decision to replace her with “two men aged over 60”.

“Following my deselection, I highlighted to the electorate via the media as to the circumstances as to why I will not be defending my Stonnall and Little Aston seat at the next election.

“The truth was so painful for the Conservative party that they have taken the decision to kick me out.”

Cllr Elizabeth Little, Lichfield District Council

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John Allen
1 year ago

This in-fighting in the Tory ranks doesn’t help their credibility, which let’s be honest, is pretty low these days. I would observe that her criticism of choosing men in their sixties over a woman of child bearing age risks displaying discrimination that she is so critical of.