Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime

I was unfamiliar with this particular play by Constance Cox, based on an Oscar Wilde story, so the story brought to the stage by the Lichfield Players was all a revelation to me.

And if there were any first night nerves for the actors, they weren’t evident on the Lichfield Garrick stage.

Without spoiling the entire play, the preposterous plot revolves around the premise that Lord Arthur Savile needs to murder someone before his forthcoming wedding on the advice of a fortune teller.

As a result, plotting murders with the butler and the barking mad anarchist Herr Winkelkopf becomes the norm.

In my notes, I started to put asterisks next to the actors who really stood out. But after marking Stefan Dufaye as the ridiculously likeable Lord Arthur and Ian Davies as drole, eloquent Baines the butler with his impeccable comic timing, I realised every actor deserved to be highlighted, including the delightfully funny Abigail Skidmore as Nellie the maid.

Even though the simple set remained the same throughout the play, my partner and I were thoroughly entertained because every actor really got into their characters as if it came naturally.

There was never a dull moment thanks to dramatic screams, smoke and explosions.

Congratulations to director Lucy Dufaye and everyone on and off stage. It was a fun, memorable night.

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime runs at the Lichfield Garrick until Saturday (24th February). For ticket details, click here.

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Susan Pinnock
1 month ago

Hi it’s Great to see. You supporting loafers . It’s a Pity you couldn’t have Helped the Veg shop. Which had been there for over 60
Years 😡😡😡