HS2 works taking place in Lichfield
HS2 works taking place at the A38 slip road junction in Streethay

HS2 has corrected a recently released document after incorrectly telling people a bridge would be built over the A38 in Lichfield.

While the original plans for the controversial high speed rail line did suggest such a move, the proposals were updated early in the design stage to allow the tracks to pass under the existing road instead.

But in the Spring 2024 document released to highlight works due to take place in Staffordshire, HS2 referenced “building a bridge to take HS2 over the A38”.

Among those to contact the company for clarification was Sir Michael Fabricant. The Lichfield MP said:

“It is simple but major errors such as these that cause unnecessary alarm not just in Lichfield, but elsewhere in the country.

“I am relieved the progress of HS2 northwards has been cancelled. 

“Meanwhile, I am continuing to fight for constituents who have had land and property taken off them for the now cancelled Phase 2a part of HS2, but have not hand it returned to them or – in some cases – even been paid for it.”

Sir Michael Fabricant

The A38 exit slip road at Streethay currently remains closed as work continues to open up the route beneath the carriageway for the HS2 line.

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Derek Amitri
1 month ago

A Councillor is ‘relieved’ that the West Coast Mainline will remain congested and additional passengers and freight will be forced to use the M6 instead. Nice.

1 month ago

Can anyone explain why it crosses the West Coast Mainline at Streethay so that it can join it at Handsacre, causing miles of devastation for nothing?

1 month ago

Nobody wants Hspoo at all. Not bothered about bridge details.

1 month ago

HS2 has at times threatened to turn Streethay into its very own Hotel California. It is a complete embarrassment.

David E
1 month ago

If it goes under the main road will it not be less obtrusive and hidden away rather than having to make a huge bridge for it to pass over, sooner its done the better for all involved around the area its gone on long enough.