Lichfield District Council are getting good value for their money, according to a new report by the Audit Commission.

Council officers Graham Keatley (Financial Services Manager), Rita Wilson (Corporate Director of Organisational Development), Neil Turner (Leisure Services Manager), Helen Sylvester (Senior Financial Services Manager) and Mark Hooper (Democratic & Legal Services Officer) whose projects came under the spotlight

The Commission assesses local authorities across the country annually to check that they are using their resources well and delivering what they have said they will.

 Lichfield District Council’s assessment – called ‘use of resources’ – looks at five key areas. These include how well the council prepares its accounts, how easy it is for resident and stakeholders to understand them, and how well the council prepares for and manages risks.

 Councils are awarded an overall score ranging from one (being the lowest) to four (being the highest). This year Lichfield District Council’s overall score was a three.

 Nina Dawes, Chief Executive of Lichfield District Council, said:

“A good score is more important than ever in today’s financial climate. It underpins the council’s determination to get good value for money and achieve as much as we can with the money we have. We are particularly pleased to have scored a four for our financial reporting, which is the highest mark we can get.

“The Audit Commission particularly praised the way we prepare our accounts, together with our plain English approach to documents, such as our annual report and summary of accounts.”

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