A new high-speed rail link through Lichfield will be the latest project to “threaten our way of life” according to the chairman of a campaign group in the city.

The plans for the new line across the A38, A5127 and West Coast Main Line have been unveiled as part of the proposals to provide a faster rail service between London and Birmingham.

But Lichfield District Residents’ Alliance chairman David Woods believes the scheme, when combined with the development of the M6 Toll and new housing targets, would be a massive blow.

He explained:

“The announcement that the route for the proposed high-speed railway will pass through Lichfield is the third in a series of issues that threaten our way of life. The first was the M6 toll road that destroyed thousands of acres of greenbelt land. Next we had the District Council’s meek acceptance of an 8,000 housing target between 2006 and 2026 with its attack on local communities.

“Now we are told that the proposed route for the high-speed railway will blight businesses and the homes of hundreds along its route. It’s as if the planners see each of these events as distinctly separate without any influence one upon the other – nothing could be further from the truth.

“Each event erodes the quality of life for everyone living in the District. It’s time the District Council acted on behalf of the electorate and took action to safeguard our local environment!”

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant is among the politicians who have raised concerns about the new proposal which would see a viaduct built across parts of the city.

Mr Woods believes campaigners will need continued support from politicians if they are to successfully fight the new line.

He added:

“We are pleased to note that Michael Fabricant is seeking a review of the proposed route for the high-speed railway. He is most helpful with planning matters.”

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2 replies on “Lichfield campaigners: Rail line would threaten our way of life”

  1. and in the 21st century many towns would welcome the possibility of being linked to the rest of the country by a high-speed rail link.
    This is parochial nimbyism of the worst kind !

  2. It’s not going to link Lichfield to anywhere, it’s going to fly past at 250mph leaving us parochial types trapped in the 19th century world of Thomas Hardy

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