As Lichfield and Burntwood voters prepare to go to the ballot box for the local elections on May 5, The Lichfield Blog has offered each of the candidates the chance to have their say.

We’ve sent out questionnaires to all District Council candidates and will publish their responses on the site to help you decide where to put your cross on election day. If your local candidates haven’t responded yet, why not chase them?

Name: Marguerite Stockdale
: Liberal Democrat
Ward: Boley Park
Occupation: Retired teacher

What has made you decide to stand for election?
The ruling party has a large majority and local interests do not seem to come first.  I believe that a larger opposition is good for democracy and we can put local issues first.

What are the key local issues for you in your ward?
To prioritise  local services such as libraries, youth centres and local transport needs. Rush hour traffic, speeding and  on street parking and the need to re-open rail lines as well as areas such as park and ride also need addressing. There is also the issue of affordable housing- available to let and buy.

We also need to be protecting the Green Belt as well as ‘greening up’ the city to save money and improve our enviroment.

If you are elected how do you plan to keep your constituents informed of what you are doing to represent them?
All Liberal Democrat councillors are required to offer a regular Focus Community Newsletter, Street Surgeries and Community Surveys. We use e-mail and the local party website.

How do you feel you will be able to make a difference to your constituents?
I will be able to put their needs first and be a local voice for them on the District Council as I live in the ward.

Anything else you would like to add?
I am a former City Councillor, School Governor, Bower commitee member and catering organiser. I’m also a  member of Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Trust, the Woodland Trust, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, the RSPB, the National Trust, the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England and the National Union of Teachers, as well as being a supporter and campaigner for the NSPCC and Christian Aid, and a supporter of Shelter.

Also standing in the Boley Park ward (once they have responded, these will link to the response):


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