Ballot box. Pic: Anthony Karanja
Ballot box. Pic: Anthony Karanja

As Lichfield and Burntwood voters prepare to go to the ballot box for the local elections on May 5, The Lichfield Blog has offered each of the candidates the chance to have their say.

We’ve sent out questionnaires to all District Council candidates and will publish their responses on the site to help you decide where to put your cross on election day. If your local candidates haven’t responded yet, why not chase them?

Name: Colin Greatorex
Party: Conservative
Ward: Stowe
Occupation: Employment Tribunal Member

What has made you to decide to stand for election?
I have been a key member of the City and District councils for the last four years. In particular, at the District Council, I have been part of an administration that has been able to make cuts and efficiencies without affecting residents’ service provision. As deeper cuts are now called for, I want to continue the progress and see through the voluntary redundancies, early retirements and hours reductions that will allow balanced budgets to be set, again without a detrimental effect on residents and businesses.

What are the key local issues for you in your ward?
There is little further opportunity for housing development in Stowe Ward so a key issue is to make the most of what we have by working with housing stock companies (like Bromford /Homezone) and private landlords to make sure full occupancy is achieved. We also need to continue work with the Highways Department at County to ensure roads are repaired, street lights working and cycle paths improved and with bus companies to maximise route provision given the new older (free) and younger person (£1 per trip) travel schemes. Lastly we need to continue liaison with the local police officers and PCSO to control anti-social behaviour instances.

If you are elected how do you plan to keep your constituents informed of what you are doing to represent them?
Currently, the Stowe Conservative councillors produce a regular newsletter, called SCAN (Stowe Conservatives Across the Neighbourhood). We hold drop in surgeries and attend ‘Community Pride’ evenings, normally in conjunction with the police for the area. We are happy to respond to media requests for information, including from The Lichfield Blog. Lastly, we do house visits using a ‘Display a Card’ programme, where residents can effectively request a Councillor visit to discuss issues.

How do you feel you will be able to make a difference to your constituents?
I already have a reputation (after 12 years as a Councillor for Stowe) for taking up residents issues and dealing with them promptly and effectively. The fact that the ‘Display a Card’ programme is popular and effective demonstrates I am already making a difference since I have few problems brought to me. I am only working part-time and therefore will be more available to residents by phone or email in the next council.

Anything else you would like to add?
Some of the answers above indicate that residents have been well served by me and my colleagues over the last four years and even before this period. There is a greater need than ever to ensure that councillors elected know what is important to the ward. Tough decisions will have to be taken in the next four years to meet budget challenges and I feel the Conservative administration and I are best placed to meet the challenge.

Also standing in the Stowe ward (once they have responded, these will link to the response):

  • Jeyan Anketell (Lib Dem)
  • Bernard Derrick (Conservative)
  • Karen Maunder (UKIP)
  • Max Rea (Lib Dem)
  • Christel Roe (Lib Dem)
  • Stephen Sanders (Labour)
  • David Smedley (Conservative)
  • Rich Spencer (Green Party)
  • Malcolm Watson (Labour)
  • Caroline Wood (Labour)


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