Bridge Cross Working Mens Club
Bridge Cross Working Mens Club
Planners have given the green light to plans to demolish a Burntwood social club.
Bridge Cross Working Mens Club
Bridge Cross Working Mens Club will be knocked down to make way for a new Aldi supermarket. When the new store is built it will open between 8am and 8pm from Monday to Saturday and 10am to 4pm on Sundays and Bank Holidays. A retail assessment linked to the planning application made to Lichfield District Council claimed:
“The development has been designed in such a way that it would function as an integral part of the town centre, enhancing the centre’s retail offer.”
Writing as part of a consultation into the future of the region, a spokesperson for Aldi said:
“An Aldi facility would be a welcome addition to the town centre shopping environment. In addition, the nature of the proposed retailer with its unique offer of own label, high quality low priced goods across the range, is highly attractive to members of the local community on comparatively low incomes, and whose primary concern is value for money. “The improved retail offer which would be achieved at Burntwood town centre from the Aldi store would ensure that the centre is a more viable retail destination as a result of the proposals.”
More details and full reports on the scheme are available on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


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6 replies on “Planners give go-ahead for Burntwood social club to be replaced by supermarket”

  1. A good thing too, its about time Burntwood caught up regarding well named stores, lets have a few more, bring them on I say.

  2. how bloody wrong can you be you bunch of parasites, we dont want Aldi, Sommerfields, Or Tesco, we need somewhere to provide functions and entertainment , you idiots in Lichfield can have all the bloody supermarkets you want, the people who have approved this dont come from Burntwood or Chasetown its the typical bombastic attitude of Lichfield Council, We had a new leisure centre but they made sure it didnt have any sort of Function room unlike the one that was demolished , we now find public houses are all closing down , soon their will be no-where to go or arrange any sort of function, i know a lot of elderly people use this club for various social functions, has this been considered , i dont think so, You closed the indoor market taking peoples jobs to make way for Sommerfields , Then Tesco had a bite at it , ITS NOT A SUPERMARKET WE NEED & ALDI WONT LAST ANY LONGER THAN THE OTHERS YOU DUFFERS

  3. @woza
    I live in Burntwood and would do all of my shopping in my home town if the shops were there to meet my needs. Why should I have to go to Lichfield, Brownhills or Cannock to meet those needs?
    If you say you need a function room, campaign for one don’t decry those who have successfully campaigned and got a step closer to what they want and need? By the way what is wrong with the function rooms at the Grangemoor the Furs or the Rugby club came to that.

  4. You tell me what Aldi will give you that Morrison’s already  does’nt provide, Sommerfield’s and Tesco’s tried and  people don’t bother going to them . Their are plenty of small retailers who are suffering at the hands of these supermarkets. I don’t need a function room developing, i just don’t want one removing, Its a bit like moving deck chairs on the titanic. Just leave it where it is,and make it better if that’s what is required. as for the other options 2 of them are commitee run and impose no end of stipulations when you want to book a function,Times and Dates, neither will commit to regular bookings,The Rugby Club is too small and out of the way Thats why chase wakes was put over there. The reality is Bring Aldi Bring a Bowling Alley Bring a Cinema,Bring more retail outlets their is plenty of land and i mean waste scrub land in our area put them there. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DEMOLISH ANYTHING. Thats not development its pinching off peter to pay paul. How does an area grow if this method is encouraged????


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