Stop HS2 protesters in Lichfield
Stop HS2 protesters in Lichfield

Lichfield’s MP has urged the Government’s Transport Secretary to “think again” over the proposals for high speed rail.

Michael Fabricant was among a group of 20 MPs, including Tamworth’s Christopher Pincher, for the meeting with Justine Greening today (November 21).

Politicians from across both sides of the House of Commons met the new Transport Secretary to discuss plans for HS2.

Michael Fabricant

If built the route would take high speed trains through parts of Lichfield and the surrounding villages – and Mr Fabricant had already urged Ms Greening’s predecessor Philip Hammond to reconsider the scheme.

“I urged the minister to think again and consider the original high speed route proposed by Arup, the consulting engineers, which would have used the M40 corridor,” he said.

“My colleague, Jeremy Wright, also reiterated the point that I have made many times in the past that compensation should be generous to those living along the proposed route of HS2.”

The meeting came as the Government prepares to make a final decision on whether to go ahead with the project.

Mr Fabricant had written to Mr Hammond to express his concerns over the scheme and is hoping the new Transport Secretary will act on the issues he has raised.

“I referred her to my letter which I wrote to the Secretary of State following the Transport Committee’s report on HS2” he explained. “In particular, I asked that no decision be made to proceed with HS2 until the full ‘Y’ route from London to Manchester and Leeds is published.

“I also questioned why it is necessary to run trains at 250mph which has been shown to be unreliable in continental Europe rather than at normal high speed rates of around 180mph. These trains would be both quieter and more able to follow existing transport corridors such as motorways.

“I added that as Conservatives, we should be conserving the environment and not running trains through virgin countryside.”


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2 replies on “Lichfield MP urges Transport Secretary to ‘think again’ on HS2”

  1. i dont recall any report recommending following the m4O. it was raised then discounted i believe. moving the route just changes the people who will be affected. the tracks are still the same width the land take is identical. if you are a farmer with a field or your house or business is demolished the affect to you is still the same. there is the slight problem that train tracks are usually mostly straight with shallow gradients so not much like parts of the m4O then !

    also at the moment no trains anywhere yet run at 25O miles an hour so there is no evidence of unreliability at this speed. it is also worth noting that 25O mph is the max design speed it is not the max speed trains will run at at least initially. there are trains that run at up to 32O kph / 2O5 mph in europe without issue..

    anti hs2 critics are usually so called facts against hs2 are usually pretty suspect so this article doesnt surprise me

  2. and apart from anything else the m4O doesnt go to lichfield or tamworth so you couldnt follow a non-existant corridor unless he means other corridors. doesnt who much local knowledge

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