Ballot box. Pic: Anthony Karanja
Ballot box. Pic: Anthony Karanja

The full list of candidates standing for election to Staffordshire County Council in Lichfield and Burntwood has been revealed.

The vote will take place on May 2.

Burntwood North:
Jeyan Anketell (Lib Dem)
Trish Edwards (UKIP)
Stephen Tranter (Cons)
Sue Woodward (Lab)

Burntwood South:
Paul Atkins (Ind)
Ken Humphreys (Cons)
Steve Norman (Lab)
Jeffrey Sheriff (UKIP)

Lichfield City North:
Colin Greatorex (Cons)
John Maunder (UKIP)
Paul Ray (Lib Dem)
Caroline Wood (Lab)

Lichfield City South:
Colin Ball (Lab)
Eileen Cope (UKIP)
Terry Finn (Cons)
Ian Jackson (Lib Dem)

Lichfield Rural East:
Marion Bland (Lib Dem)
Martin Dewes (UKIP)
Glen Mynott (Lab)
Alan White (Cons)

Lichfield Rural North:
Janet Eagland (Cons)
Jackie Littlewood (UKIP)
Stuart Stockdale (Lib Dem)
Dave Whatton (Lab)

Lichfield Rural South:
Alison Anketell (Lib Dem)
Roy Boffy (Lab)
Bob Green (UKIP)
David Smith (Cons)

Lichfield Rural West:
Steve Hyden (Lab)
Ray Jones (Lib Dem)
Karen Maunder (UKIP)
Martyn Tittley (Cons)


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3 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood candidates unveiled ahead of Staffordshire County Council elections”

  1. Will Lichfield Live be doing any features on the candidates or displaying any election material that is distributed? Hope the Burntwood South do some canvassing as don’t want to have to vote blind!!

  2. I vote by post and live in Burntwood but every time an election comes up, there is no information about for any of the candidates for the area, or what they stand for.
    It would be nice to have all the facts so that I can send my postal vote in on time, and vote for some one that stands for Burntwood and not for Lichfield.

  3. I was seriously considering voting UKIP this time round in the 2013 local elections.

    However, I had a question that I wanted answered by UKIP and so I sent UKIPs head party office an email. I almost instantly received one of those stock ‘your email is important to us, we are busy just now but will respond shortly.

    Guess what? That’s right, no reply received from UKIP. So guess what? That’s right, I didn’t bother to vote for for them.

    What comes around goes around. A political party who doesnt bother to address potential voters questions and concerns at the most important time (election time)is highly unlikley to address or have that voters best intentions at heart at times outside of election periods.

    Big mistake UKIP if you think you can treat voters in this manner!

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