Lichfield District Council's offices. Pic: Lichfield District Council

More details have been revealed about how Lichfield District Council hopes to make £1.7million of cuts.

The local authority’s Fit for the Future project is aiming to plug a gap in the budget as a result of reductions in Government funding.

A report outlining the first stage of the cuts will be discussed at the council’s Strategic Overview and Scrutiny Committee on June 20.

Among the savings being proposed are are:

  • £207,000 a year from the community and partnerships budget, including the closure of community development and community transport services.
  • £450,000 a year from the leisure, parks and play budget, including reduced opening at King Edward VI Leisure Centre and reductions in the play scheme programme, exercise classes and sports sessions.
  • £300,000 a year from the operational services area, including introduction of ShopMobility and public toilet charging, as well as savings in grounds maintenance, street cleaning, CCTV and waste collection.
Lichfield District Council's offices. Pic: Lichfield District Council
Lichfield District Council’s offices. Pic: Lichfield District Council

The council has also revealed that it plans to remove the climate change budget and “cease any strategic work in this area”.

A number of jobs are at risk as part of the Fit for the Future, with the local authority admitting that redundancy pay-off costs are likely to be at least £208,000.

These initial cuts could be the first of many with the council’s report outlining a series of savings totaling more than £8.6million identified between now and 2019/20.

Almost £3.5million alone has been earmarked to come from the leisure budget over the next seven years.

Services such as the Aspire clubs for young people and the Mobile Leisure team have all been earmarked for closure, while Burntwood Leisure Centre faces reductions, although the report admits these are “not yet fully identified”.

A report into the planned closure of some leisure services admitted the move would have a negative impact.

“This will most affect children and young people, including those most vulnerable, and the elderly using the mobile leisure classes,” the report admitted.

Council workers were given a glimpse of the bleak financial picture in a May staff briefing.

They were told: “Fundamentally, we know that we cannot tackle our financial issues by growing our income alone. Serious cuts to our spending will also be vital.

“Given the current economic climate, which is impacting on the number of new homes being built and on businesses starting up or expanding, together with the fact the government has capped the amount of money we can generate through council tax by limiting any future increases, we need to be realistic about the amount of income we can raise.

“We are also forecasting a possible drop in council tax income and an increase in our costs as a result of the recent welfare reforms.”


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  1. there are some serious cuts here. Really dont see how the council can justify paying the garrick money all the time when they are having to cut their cloth everywhere else

  2. Indeed, huge cuts and as wiggy says they keep funding the garrick. Its reported to be over £680,000 in funding too

    People suffering are the young and vulnerable, not those that can afford to loose

    I think a cllr on Lichfield live recently said that the council has not financially managed well its resources and now what we are seeing is huge cuts.

    I don’t see other council’s going this hard , this quickly, but Lichfield has a new chief so maybe this is whats driving the cuts, i good ole shake up.

    Perhaps the council should approach this differently by getting outside financial management guidance as to me it seems they rob one area to support another without really knowing the true cost or affect is?

    To me these cuts signal more expenditure in the future , the government tell us we are and should be entitled to value for money in community services, but i dont see this is these cuts..

  3. I hope our parks don’t become derelict no go areas for druggies, pedos and rapist like they did during the thatcher years. It took so much to get them back and get people to start using them again. So much irreversible damage was done to parks and leisure services. Its one thing to cut jobs, lose individual services, classes, but to close a leisure centre or force its closure by cutting funding so much, to make parks no go areas through lack of maintenance.
    Again I don’t know Lichfields exact structure, what it could safely lose but the above applied to many towns and cities. Statues, stone pillars, were knocked down, destroyed, stolen, green houses left to go derelict (Sefton Park Liverpool just one example). I don’t want lovely beautiful Lichfield to go that way.
    Don’t be frightened of asking for volunteer help. With parks maintenance, with kids groups, mobile leisure classes.

  4. Over £200K for redundancy payments! That is more savings that have to be made .
    Is some one looking at value for the tax payer and not dismissing people that are due to leave shortly?
    Last in first out used to be a cheaper way when reduction of staff is necessary.
    How many low paid staff have to be sacked in order to subsidise one high paid position elsewhere?

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