The Old Mining College Centre in Burntwood
The Old Mining College in Burntwood
A Burntwood facility is likely to survive the threat of closure as Lichfield District Council looks to plug a £1.7million funding hole. There had been fears that the Old Mining College Centre on Queen Street in Chasetown could be shut as a result of the review. The local authority currently rents out parts of the building to voluntary and business organisations. Although it only makes £41,000 a year in revenues as a result of these leases, a council report has revealed that the activities by those tenants generates around £600,000 for the local economy. Lichfield District Council’s overview and scrutiny committee will examine the Old Mining College Centre as part of a wider analysis of the proposals for stage on of Fit for the Future on Thursday (June 20). But an internal report has recommended either reducing management costs at the centre or finding a third party organisation to take on the facility. [story-latest tag=”fit-for-the-future”]


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