Lichfield District Council admits axing its equalities post would not be without risk. The post is one of the areas being reviewed as part of the local authority’s Fit for the Future plans. An internal report has suggested £25,000 a year could be saved as the council looks to fill a £1.7million funding gap. But the local authority admits the decision would not be simple. “There is a risk that we will fail to meet our statutory duties in relation to equalities, increasing risk that we could be subject to challenge for failing to undertake a thorough equality impact assessment,” the report said. “However, there is some knowledge and skill across the organisation (that could be developed further) that may help to mitigate this risk.” The equalities area of the council is responsible for ensuring staff are trained in related issues, as well as examining the impact of areas such as welfare reform on diverse groups within the local population. It also produces the authority’s equalities statement. The changes will be discussed by councillors at the overview and scrutiny committee meeting on Thursday (June 20). [story-latest tag=”fit-for-the-future”]


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