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Fears Lichfield could be used to help Birmingham meet housing target

Lichfield could be used to accommodate new housing to help ease the pressure on Birmingham.

Councillors from Lichfield District Council’s ruling Conservative group have already issued a ‘hands-off’ warning to other local authorities amid fears that the District could be used as an overflow.

And the initial version of Birmingham City Council’s Development Plan (BDP) has admitted that it is likely to need to look beyond its borders to meet housing targets.

The Birmingham Plan 2031 says: “The strategy is to accommodate as much of the city’s housing requirement as possible within the boundary.

“However, the land that is available to accommodate future development is limited.

“Alongside the BDP, a wider growth strategy for the Local Enterprise Partnership area and other adjoining authorities will set out how and where the remaining housing could be delivered.

“This will take account of historic trends where adjoining authorities have accommodated a proportion of the city’s growth.”

Initial documentation surrounding the plan are that Birmingham City Council wants to see the following housing built outside of its boundaries:

  • 2,700 a year until 2016
  • 1,500 a year from 2017 to 2021
  • 910 a year from 2022 to 2031
Cllr Ian Pritchard

Cllr Ian Pritchard

But Lichfield District Councillor Ian Pritchard has said they will face a fight should they try to palm off new housing to the area.

“If other neighbours like Birmingham and the Local Enterprise Partnership start to eye our open land for further development, they should be clear that they will have a fight on their hands,” he said.

“Birmingham has many previously developed sites – they should use those first before they come knocking on our door.”

Lichfield’s fight may have to be a strong one, with Birmingham City Council saying that existing transport corridors – including the A38 and cross-city line – will be used to identify potential sites for development.

Birmingham is seeking additional locations for new properties after coming under fire for releasing some areas of Green Belt for development.

“Our expanding population means that we need to provide around 80,000 new homes by 2031 and our urban area does not have enough space,: said Birmingham City Council’s deputy leader Ian Ward. “If we don’t explore other options we will have a shortfall of 30,000 homes.

“We have consulted extensively and I understand the reservations expressed by many people regarding the removal of land from the Green Belt for development.

“However, doing nothing is simply not an option. This is a clear problem that has to be addressed and there are limits to what we can do in the heart of the city.”

Lichfield District Council has already seen the Planning Inspector say extra properties will be needed by 2028.

This means around 9,600 new homes will be built across Lichfield District before any spillover from Birmingham is added.

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  1. Cynic

    14th November, 2013 at 11:33 am

    Is it not time that the councils/Government accepted that England is full!!
    We keep building on places which are not suitable or take our valuable food producing land.
    It seems most weather forecasts include a warning about floods .
    Is any one surprised at these warnings when we build on old river beds – flood plains etc.
    With all these problems we still encourage breeding at a rate which is unsustainable .
    What will it take before someone has the guts to accept enough is enough?
    In another posting it was mentioned how the circa 1960 overflow adversely affected their area with the influx of a few (genuine) Brumies .
    Look at Birmingham today – do you want that replicated here?

  2. Jozef Nakielski

    14th November, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    Atherstone is getting it from all sides now as is Nuneaton. 650 at Atherstone 65 at A5 Dordon, hundreds at nuneaton.
    I’d like to know who is wanting to live in these houses ? No one wants three bed houses since the bedroom tax came in. people are living with parents longer and then getting flats, less people than ever are in relationships, and if they are they live apart so who is wanting all these houses.

  3. Cynic

    15th November, 2013 at 12:21 am

    Jozef – You and I seem to be leading the pack albeit with often differing view points .This time we do agree. If they ever sell this site for £Billions do you think they will offer us a small brown envelope!

  4. Jozef Nakielski

    15th November, 2013 at 12:50 am

    I’d only give it away if they did. I’d make sure the genuinely homeless get a big chunk to help them. I’d give the scrap store some because they supply recycled art supplies to kids. Some to help people get out of abusive relationships. Improve parks, green spaces, put some events on for everyone, share the love.
    It’s never people that share that get the big cash.