Lichfield District Council's offices. Pic: Lichfield District Council

The number of councillors in Lichfield and Burntwood is set to be cut.

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has recommended that the current figure of 56 representatives on Lichfield District council be reduced to 47.

Their proposal comes after a six-week public consultation and will be introduced at the local election in May 2015 if the go-ahead is given for the change.

Lichfield District Council had called for the figure to stay as it was, but leader Mike Wilcox said they would take on board the recommendations.

Lichfield District Council’s offices. Pic: Lichfield District Council

“In July, a cross party group of councillors were asked for their views as part of the Boundary Commission’s consultation,” he explained. “At the time, it was decided to maintain all 56 councillor positions.

“At the meeting it was highlighted that the local population has grown significantly in recent years, and in future increased housing numbers, ongoing financial pressures and the government’s drive towards localism, would all increase the demands on councillors’ time.

“Based on this, it was felt that the current number of councillors would mean that local people had the best chance to get their views heard on a one-to-one basis, and their issued addressed.

“Despite the proposed decrease in the number of councillors, we will work to make sure that local people’s views and issues are still well represented and taken on board, whatever the outcome.”

The Boundary Commission is now asking for local people’s views on a new pattern of wards to accommodate 47 councillors.

The new boundaries will be designed so that each councillor will represent roughly the same number of voters.

Max Caller, Chair of the Commission, said: “On the evidence presented, we are minded to recommend that Lichfield District Council should have 47 councillors in future, nine fewer than the current set up.”

People have until February 3, 2014 to submit their reviews. For more information visit


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  1. Good news, nine less troughers to pay for.
    Sadly they’ll probably end up on some other tax-payer funded jamboree, it’s the nature of the beast.

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