Steve Norman
Steve Norman
Steve Norman

Labour’s Steve Norman has promised he won’t fade into the background after losing his seat on Lichfield District Council.

He was ousted in the Summerfield and All Saints ward as the Conservatives took all three seats.

After receiving messages of support on Twitter, he said.

“You don’t have to be an elected member to influence matters on the council – watch this space.

“True, I’m no longer a councillor, but how do you think I won my first seat from the Tories 32 years ago?

“I’m looking forward to the fight.”

Meanwhile, Mr Norman’s wife Sue Woodward was re-elected in the Chase Terrace ward.

She also said he was “going nowhere”, but joked that he would now have “plenty of time to decorate our new kitchen”.


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  1. As I’ve just seen this thought I ought to ensure that future historians note that Summerfield and All Saints is a brand new seat. I, and my colleague, Don Isaacs – along with the excellent Bernard Brown represented Summerfieled Ward only previously. Now where’s that paint?

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