Michael Fabricant

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The Green Party have accused Lichfield’s Conservative MP of hiding from scrutiny after he accused them of trolling him on social media. The newly-formed Greens revealed that the city’s MP Michael Fabricant had blocked their account on Twitter after the party questioned him over employment figures.
Michael Fabricant MP
Mr Fabricant then wrote: “I appreciate that Lichfield Greens would like high unemployment to force us to toil on the land, but not many others wanted it, did they? “Please stop trolling me or I’ll just have to block you.” But the Greens have criticised his accusations and insisted that as the area’s MP he should be answerable on his views. “It will be clear to anyone looking at our Twitter account that Mr Fabricant’s accusation is entirely unfounded,” a spokesperson said. “Moreover, his misuse of the term ‘trolling’ is offensive to those who have genuinely suffered at the hands of online trolls. “We are extremely disappointed by Mr Fabricant’s repeated unwillingness to engage in proper debate with us on important issues or have his views submitted to meaningful scrutiny. We are especially disappointed that in blocking us he also attempted to discredit us in the eyes of his followers by falsely associating us with the vile act of online trolling.” But Mr Fabricant said the Greens complaints were “somewhat childish” and said they needed to recognise that Twitter was not the place to debate “complex questions”.
The Green Party’s 2015 general election candidate Robert Pass
“I can’t be doing with his constant nagging on Twitter,” he told LichfieldLive. “During the election and now, after the election is all over, the local Green candidate was demanding simplistic answers to complex questions in a 140 character tweet. “This is clearly nonsense and somewhat childish.” Despite the stand-off, the Greens insist they are not going to stop seeking answers from the Conservative MP. Their spokesperson said: “We may no longer be able to view Mr Fabricant’s tweets via our official account, but they are in the public domain and there are other outlets through which we can – and will – continue to question and debunk his proclamations. “The Lichfield and Burntwood Green Party remains committed to providing vigorous opposition to the Conservative government’s continued and damaging austerity agenda on behalf of the people of this constituency. “We will not be deterred from exercising our democratic right to hold our MP to account and will continue to do so loudly and vociferously in the coming weeks, months and years.” But Mr Fabricant said he was prepared to discuss the issues if they were made via appropriate channels. “I have already said face to face to their candidate Robert Pass – who lost his deposit in the general election – that I am happy to meet him to discuss matters that concern him and he can always write to me like any other constituent.”


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15 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood Green Party angered by ‘trolling’ accusation”

  1. Mr Fabricant also commented to another constituent, “The truth is, I can’t be bothered with the constant moaning on my twitter time line. #Boring”

    I.e. if you tweet him with real Lichfield & Burntwood issues, he’s going to flat-out ignore you. Because that’s what a public forum’s for; tweeting about oneself and sharing hilarious photos of blonde-mopped celebrity lookalikes.

  2. Good on Lichfield Greens for revealing the true character of our national-joke MP.

    He’s made it quite clear by his action that he’s not interested in democratic debate in an open forum with the people of Lichfield & Burntwood.

  3. “I have already said face to face to their candidate Robert Pass – who lost his deposit in the general election –…”

    And The Clown has the nerve to accuse the Greens of being somewhat childish?

    This proves that our MP is:
    * a social media Clown.
    * has no interest in discussing issues publicly with those who dare to take opposing views.
    * has no wish to properly engage with constituents – if you write to him, you’ll most likely get a letter saying he’ll pass your comments to the relevant minister and yet offer no clear indication of what he thinks himself.

    It also proves, unfortunately, that this type of arrogance is something a sizeable proportion of the electorate knows nothing about as they don’t use social media and will happily continue voting for him and his glossy pamphlets and promises.

  4. “I have already said face to face to their candidate Robert Pass – who lost his deposit in the general election – that I am happy to meet him to discuss matters that concern him and he can always write to me like any other constituent.”

    Wow, what a dismissive *****! hopefully Mike Fabricants “safe seat” will prove to be a harder ride from now on, and what is he trying to hide? surely a straight answer to a straight question would have sufficed.

  5. Ah, the old “140 characters isn’t enough” defence, eh, Lord Fabz?

    All the more miraculous then that you were last week able to share all eight of your 600-word “Secret MP” articles for the Independent, each via a single tweet. Well in excess of 140 characters, wouldn’t you say?

    Imagine if you could share your insights on the vital issues of the day in the same cunning way? Now wouldn’t THAT be a thing?

  6. Mr Fabricant is supposed to represent his 100k+ constituents and not just the 28.4% that voted for him at the last election. Yet he consistently avoids engaging with issues and concerns from his constituents unless they happen to align with his own interests.

    Having written to Mr Fabricant several times I’ve learnt his strategy is to pass the buck with platitudes. His only action has ever been to pass on letters for an official party line response. He even chastised me once for not contacting him via his own web site but by using a third party site designed to make emailing your political officials more user friendly.

    To dismiss the local Green party’s official tweets as just being the Parliamentry candidates thoughts shows how little Mr Fabricant understands or is willing to try and understand his real world consitituency and what little regard he has for those constituents who have views on anything beyond his own interests and agenda.

  7. Fabricant is a TERRIBLE MP. Why can’t people see that? The guy has absolutely no interest in serving his constituents apart from to pop up out of the woodwork for a Mercury photo-op once in a while.

  8. I was present at the first hustings debate, the only occasion during the election when fabricant exposed himself to scrutiny. Rob Pass totally eclipsed him for intelligent, articulate, well informed debate. Fabricant relied entirely on bluster, cliche, and when cornered, out right lies about the unemployment and wealth figures. The man is a poorly informed dinosaur who is clearly scared of the younger more committed and better informed Mr.Pass. It is a shame that our nations democracy is inhibited by men like Fabricant who are little more than a throw back to the old days of rotten boroughs and jobs for the boys. He is a disgrace and should apologize for showing such a lack of manners and respect towards such a decent and hard working member of our community.

  9. That’s the rub here. Rob Pass and the Greens brought to the table a decent analysis of what the problems are, the causes of those problems and a set of solutions. Fabricant has no interest in actual debate partly because he has no response to the Green’s argument and partly because he doesn’t need one anyway. He won the election comfortably with a campaign utterly devoid of substance. Nice work if you can get it.

  10. The phrase “pin a blue badge on anything and they’ll still vote for it” couldn’t be more apt in our constituency. It seems the only reason Fabricant is on Twutter is to cosy-it-up with other like-minded tweeters, coming out with such hilarities as LichVegas.

  11. Looking increasingly like a few people who only have friends on twitter managed to convince themselves that everybody thinks the same as they do.
    The first “social meeja” election campaign that was going to break the mould didn’t quite turn out as planned.

  12. I’m late to the party, but I wanted to add my voice.

    I used to follow MF on Twitter but it became abundantly obvious that he only replies to sycophants and does not reply to any question about Lichfield or policy.

    I guess it reflects, as Rob is eluding to, that the grey vote ain’t on Twitter, as they would see the disdain this man shows to his constituency who question rather than praise.

  13. Was this a social media election? Probably, the Tories spent £100k a month on Facebook alone.

    This isn’t the social media election the people who bang on about “web 2.0” meant though but to my mind they misunderstand the role of media in general. It isn’t and never was a one way conveyor belt of ideas consumed by willing, naive masses. Everyone has always filtered the messages they get through the lens of their own experience. Social media is exactly the same in this context as newspapers. Right wingers read the Mail or Express, on Twitter they follow other right wingers. Handwringing middle class liberals read the Grauniad, they follow other middle class handwringing liberals on Twitter.

    In this election we saw Facebook posts instead of bill boards, a change of form, not content.

  14. Andy is right. During the election the establishment parties used social media just like traditional print media ie. not as as a means of conversing with the electorate, but as just another outlet to display whatever the message of the day happened to be.

    Similarly, Michael Fabricant treats social media (Twitter in particular) as a platform purely for his own pontification and self-aggrandisement. He is to be listened to, not questioned. But his reluctance to listen stretches across all forms of communication. Anyone who has written to Mr Fabricant in his official capacity will be familiar with the “platitudes” and buck-passing that Tum refers to. And how else are we to interpret his decision not to attend the Speakers Corner hustings other than a wish to avoid the inevitable awkard questions?

    Perhaps it’s simply that Mr Fabricant is not used to having to listen. He coasted through the general election on a fat, comfortable majority. And like a recalcitrant child trying to avoid a telling off by clamping his hands over his ears and shouting “Can’t hear you!” Fabricant can disregard the dissenting voices as long as there are only a few of them.

    It’s up to all of us who oppose the Conservative austerity machine to ensure that by the time the 2020 election comes around Mr Fabricant, or his successor, will have no choice but to listen.

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