Chasewater. Pic: Bs0u10e01

A Burntwood councillor has sought to reassure residents over the future ownership of Chasewater.

Chasewater. Pic: Bs0u10e01
Chasewater. Pic: Bs0u10e01
Staffordshire County Council has launched a review of the way it manages its countryside facilities.

Rumours had circulated locally that the review could lead to a sell-off of some of the sites managed by the authority.

But Burntwood Town Council’s Labour representative for Chasetown, Cllr Darren Ennis, says the county council have said the review was aiming to look at partnerships and different ways to manage their facilities.

“Councillors had a meeting a few weeks back to discuss the meeting,” he said. “It was stated insistently that the review was not about a sell-off of these areas.

“The town council will be discussing this in more detail with officers from the county council so we have more knowledge on these partnerships and how the town council can help.”

Cllr Ennis said local councillors would be on the guard should the situation change.

“Selling off Chasewater is extremely unlikely,” he said.

“But if it was on the cards it will be fought by myself and my colleagues.”

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