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A Jeremy Corbyn victory in the leadership contest would lead to the “mass exodus of members” from Labour, a local party activist has warned. The 66-year-old is seen as the frontrunner ahead of Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall and Andy Burnham to replace Ed Miliband.
Joshua Bell
But Joshua Bell, who stood as a Lichfield District Council candidate for Longdon at the 2015 general election, believes the Islington MP will not get the party back into power. “If Jeremy wins it would be unthinkable what could happen to our party,” Mr Bell said. “However, I’m realistic, I can’t look beyond a convincing win for him as we stand. “A split would be inevitable and lead to a mass exodus of members – more importantly, the Conservatives will almost certainly win the next general election.” The next leader will be announced on September 12. But Mr Bell believes the warning signs are there for Labour voters. He said: “In my opinion, the fact Chuka Umunna has felt the need to say he’ll not serve in a Corbyn cabinet should concern everyone within Labour immensely. “Without power all that we stand for is redundant. The tireless pursuit of government must be our top priority. Only then can we begin to implement our vision for the country.”

Lewis Deakin

NCTJ-trained reporter with experience in a wide variety of journalism settings.

2 replies on “Lichfield activist warns of “mass exodus” of Labour members if Jeremy Corbyn wins leadership race”

  1. It’s a shaky analysis from Bell at best. Corbyn has the support of more CLPs than any other candidate and, if polling data is to be believed, singularly responsible for a large influx of members into the party. Corbyn is filling out meeting halls with people eager to hear his message, the others are running campaigns utterly devoid of excitement.

    Perhaps what Bell really means is that he and some cardboard cutout careerists in the PLP will leave the party if Corbyn wins. No one knows their names anyway.

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