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A UKIP county councillor has said that Lichfield and Burntwood should not be forced to take in any refugees. British Prime Minister David Cameron has bowed to political and public pressure and agreed that the United Kingdom should resettle thousands of displaced Syrians. Labour leadership hopeful Yvette Cooper has called on the UK to commit to helping 10,000 people. Meanwhile, a local petition – shared on social media by the local branch of the Green Party – has called on Lichfield District Council to house ten families.
Cllr Jeff Sheriff
But Cllr Jeff Sheriff, UKIP representative for Burntwood South since 2013, blasted the Greens for what he believes is their utter “emotional stupidity”. He said: “I reject the Green Party’s emotional call for Lichfield and Burntwood to take in refugees. “The Greens do not think things through. In my opinion they are a stupid and irrational party. “They do not care about the people or their country, they are just looking for absolutely anything to campaign on. “We cannot continue to have high immigration into what is a small island. Germany, France and even Spain all have more landmass than us. It’s the EU’s open doors policy that has caused this problem.” The UN believes Europe will need to take in 200,000 migrants to tackle what some believe is the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War Two. Calls for the UK to take in more refugees intensified after pictures were published of the body of drowned three-year-old Alan Kurdi. A statement from the Green Party in Lichfield and Burntwood said: “The city of Lichfield is kind and caring, therefore we will not stand idly by and let this suffering continue. “Please sign and let our local leaders know that we demand action.” But Cllr Sheriff claims that the EU should be going after the people smugglers rather than offering asylum. The former IT consultant explained: “There needs to be an EU-wide solution to help these poor souls – instead of just a few countries acting unilaterally. “We need to stop them from making the journey in the first place. We have this farcical situation at the moment where the Royal Navy are acting as a ferry service for migrants across the Mediterranean. “Under Maritime Law it is quite right to help out boats in distress, but this situation simply cannot continue.” Cllr Colin Greatorex, Cabinet member for Housing and Health at Lichfield District Council, said the local authority was looking at how it could help support any refugees. “We have been told by the Home Office that they are exploring options of how to disperse refugees across the country,” he said. “We believe other councils across Staffordshire have also been contacted. “While we do not have any council housing, we will work with our housing association partners and other partners to provide support and assistance as required by the Home Office.”

Lewis Deakin

NCTJ-trained reporter with experience in a wide variety of journalism settings.

40 replies on “UKIP county councillor says Lichfield and Burntwood should not be forced to take in refugees”

  1. Well, at last something for Staffordshire County Council’s only UKIP councillor to get passionate about. Forget the cuts in Youth Services, Sure Centres and mobile libraries by the council he is a member of and attends sometimes.
    The – what? threat? – of ten refugee families coming to Lichfield District Council (population 94,000) makes you glad he wasn’t in a responsible political position in the 1930’s.

  2. Well said cllr Sheriff at least someone isn’t wearing a pair of dream glasses. The people of our towns should realise this is 10 less council houses for local residents. As well as schools and the nhs been filled up by extra bodies when it’s struggling as it is.We don’t want anymore refugee’s\Immigrants in our town and I’m not alone in my opinion.People need to wake up and start thinking with their brain instead of their heart. What happens when the war is over in Seria are these people going to return to their homeland?. No you must be joking they will be telling everyone back home what a bunch of jokers we are. And no doubt wanting the rest of their relations to join them in the land of plenty.WAKE UP PEOPLE PLEASE!.

  3. Go Set a Watchman
    Well, I have just gone through the comment you so easily picked on for spelling and grammar.
    And apart from the odd abbreviation mark and comma there is nothing else wrong?.
    It’s a shame you didn’t pick up on his common sense instead of his writing. Rather pathetic on your behalf don’t you think?,

  4. You’re quite right John – and might I say how unusual and, perhaps continental, it is to see a surname spelt without a capital. Let’s send them all back to ‘Seria’ (just as soon as we find out where this mysterious place is).

  5. There’s “ten fewer” (not “less”), “being” (“been”), “refugees” and “Syria”.

    But to get to the content, “We don’t want” suggests Paul is speaking for all of “us”. He’s not: I’d be happy to see Lichfield and Burntwood accepting its share of refugees. Yes, the problems in their homelands need fixing, but in the meantime there are a large number of people in dire need of help. Luke 3:11: “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.”

  6. Oh no!
    He put an ‘E’ instead of a ‘Y’!!!!
    What a pathetic little individual you are. It’s a pity you couldn’t argue his point ?.
    Maybe because it’s a point that is about truth.
    And yes, I always use a small letter for my surname as I’m not from the UK. And it’s petty little people like you that make me happy I’m not.

  7. What’s with the “the EU should be going after the people smugglers rather than offering asylum” statement from Cllr Sheriff? Why not do both?

    It’s a cynical and deliberately misleading statement to suggest that pragmatism and compassion are mutually exclusive.

  8. This is not a Lichfield problem, it’s far more existential than that and I cannot believe that we bicker about grammar in the comment thread when we (Europeans) face the biggest movement of people since the Second World War! If this current wave upon wave of undocumented detritus from the Third World are allowed to simply ‘cross borders’ and pick and choose the Countries that they want to live in; then we as a Continent will be demographically overwhelmed; drowned by our own altruism and inaction and fear. Israel for instance is determined to retain its identity and therefore have built the infamous armed wall (literally) around itself – Europe should wake up and do the same! Incidentally, Netanyhau has refused to take in any Syrian refugees!

  9. This Jeff Sheriff character seems to be a bit all over the place.

    Perhaps he’s just been quoted badly but he appears to be saying that German, France and Spain have more land than us because of EU open borders.

    Also what does he mean when he says that the refugees should be stopped from making the journey in the first place? They’re fleeing a war.

    It’s pretty clear that despite his accusation that the Greens are just looking for something to campaign on that he’s just spouting off without the first clue what he’s talking about. Pathetic.

  10. I’m not worried about the grammar, but by the appalling choice of language used by some here. Remember we are talking about other people. People who need help and support and kindness right now. Maybe those of us who would welcome refugees here in Lichfield are thinking with our hearts but from the lack of compassion expressed in some of the views here it seems others don’t even have one.

  11. You can think with your heart now but what about the future?.
    England at the moment is……..
    Short of jobs
    Short of housing
    Short on nhs hospital facilities
    Etc Etc ……
    Think about what will happen to these refugees after your heart has stopped thinking?.
    They will just be another unemployed statistic living off benefits roaming our streets in gangs.
    Wake up and think with your brain for gods sake.

  12. I think Ms Gomez may be referring to my ‘heartless’ comment. I would like to point out that I worked for a ‘Refugee Charity’ for three years and resigned when I rather painfully realised that most of my ‘clients’ were bogus. It was always the case that the host populace were pushed aside for these ‘migrants’ or had their social safety put at risk or face future job displacement from cheap labour. The West will be finished-it already is in some places- ‘misplaced altruism’ should be chiselled on its tombstone.

  13. The only thing the UK is short of is a Govt with an ounce of compassion. You’re seriously saying the sixth biggest economy in the world couldn’t happily absorb (indeed is in dire need of with ageing population) five times as many refugees as the OM grudgingly accepted today.
    You Sir, are off your head.

  14. Whether you’re thinking with your heart or your head, Lichfield can easily welcome ten refugee families.

    John Shaw’s suggestion that families or individuals who have dragged themselves across land and sea to escape persecution are going to end up on the dole is ludicrous.


    This is just one video of many regarding the lovely refugees you seem to want in the UK so much.
    Maybe if you had a brain of your own instead of been brainwashed by the liberal media. You would see the truth behind why the refugees so many want to come to the UK.
    I myself have travelled outside the UK regularly and have been to Syria in 2004. And to put it bluntly, it was a dump full of gangs of young unemployed men hanging around cafes and bus station. So if you really, really think someone is going to employ a Syrian that has no skills and cannot speak English.
    Then, sir you are an even bigger fool than I already think you are.

  16. “A statement from the Green Party in Lichfield and Burntwood said: “The city of Lichfield is kind and caring, therefore we will not stand idly by and let this suffering continue.”

    Didn’t hear them saying this after the GE results came in.

  17. Bigot-a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions.

    No Sir, I’m not a bigot or a racist or any other name you left wing liberals choose to use when you cannot argue the facts.
    I have merely shown you a video and explained the truth seen by myself.
    Do you want me to tell you a lie?
    Would that make you feel better?
    I bet your regular travel outside the UK and when you are in the UK you have lots of immigrant friends and spend your spare time socializing with immigrants also?.
    You most probably live in an upper class suburb and read the Guardian and sometimes take your old clothes to Oxfam.
    But when it comes to reality you would rather join the brainwashed masses and believe a lie been fed to you by our liberal media,
    So in future before you start throwing the word “bigot”around DO YOUR HOMEWORK

  18. “You would see the truth behind why the refugees so many want to come to the UK.”
    They don’t want to, most want to go to either Germany or Sweden. Reporters in Europe are finding it very hard to locate anyone who actually wants to come here. Don’t get confused with the small numbers at Calais, many of whom are not Syrian.

  19. Right! Where to start?
    Firstly – Cambridge University Press def of a bigot ‘ a person who has strong, unreasonable beliefs,and who thinks that anyone who does not have the same belief is wrong’ – sound familiar?
    Secondly your presumed assumptions about about me are wrong on every level except one – I do indeed read the Guardian, because I have a brain and am indeed a screaming leftie.
    I have been an International Lorry Driver for nearly 20 years and have travelled throughout most of Europe and have seen the appalling conditions in Calais first-hand for many years. Until last year I lived on a council estate in North Lichfield – I now live in the city centre – in a Housing Association flat.
    The link to your video has been taken down probably because it broke ISP guidelines. So sorry to have missed it.
    I object to your labelling of refugees as feckless thieves based on an encounter ten years ago. They are people as normal as you and I. Have some humanity and treat them as such.

  20. At least I was right about The Guardian
    As for sending you another lot of truthful facts I cannot honestly be bothered.
    I have been trying to explain the truth to the left for many, many years. And for some reason fact doesn’t come into the world, But the truth behind the multicultural Britain can be seen on every high street in the UK
    We are now a country in deep, deep trouble regarding the NHs, housing ,schools and crime.
    And if you honestly think that allowing 20,000 refugees in the UK is going to help matters, then I’m totally lost in your so called intelligence,
    Also, my video link is still working (or maybe the truth was a little too hard to swallow?)

  21. The UK population is growing by around half a million a year. If you think that an extra four thousand a year for five years is going to have any appreciable effect at all on the problems currently facing this country then I am totally lost on your so called intelligence. That is an additional 0.0008% increase.

    The UK has more than enough wealth for all the problems you mention, but that wealth is mostly doing nothing in the hands of those who do not need it.

    There are two ways to fix all of the country’s problems. Firstly abolish old people. People are living longer, the numbers of old people are increasing, as the numbers of pensioners increase you need more and more people working to support them in terms of services and tax receipts. The country is far from full, and is in desperate need of new tax payers to support it.

    Secondly, a fairer distribution of wealth to free up money to do stuff rather than sitting doing nothing as much of it currently is. There is a lack of housing, and what there is is affordable to many, by design. The NHS is suffering, by design. Schools, crime, infrastructure, all the things needed to support a growing population, the wealth exists to pay for all of them. If there were any desire by those in charge to do so.

  22. A true class war anti capitalism comment if I have ever heard one.And as for eradicating our old people !!!!
    Maybe one day I will visit planet Zog and pay you a visit.
    Because that is clearly where you have come from.And if the UK contained enough people with your ideas we really would be in a mess.

  23. Abolish old people or lessen wealth inequality. Only two things that will work. The first obviously isn’t going to happen, that was a facetious comment to humorously make a point. The second could happen but won’t, partly because those who currently have the power to make it happen have no interest in doing so, have nothing to gain by doing so, and everything to lose. And partly because the majority of people in this country are too comfortable and so bloody apathetic. Things could be worse so why try to make them better.

  24. Please let me know a time in history when there were plenty of houses, plenty of jobs and no crime. If everybody stopped taking action because there are problems with the where we live then nothing would happen.

  25. We have always had housing, crime and employment problems in the UK. That is why we need to do everything possible to prevent the increasing problems. And taking in more refugees/immigrants is not the solution is it?.
    If you have a small fire in your house you don’t add petrol to it. Which is exactly what we are doing with our crumbling UK by adding more people to the ongoing problems.

  26. The UK is hardly crumbling. We’re one of the 8 richest countries in the world. Where on earth are you living to think the UK is crumbling?

  27. Do you go out your home much?.
    Have you not seen the state of our high streets?, Or the grim reality of local council estates?. Or the queues at the local hospitals……..
    I could go on and on but your maybe too busy cleaning your new bmw in happy suburbia to see what is really happening around you.
    I’m not talking about the wealth of major businesses or banks, I’m talking about the local areas where the working class resides. So don’t you dare go on about the UK been the 8th wealthiest country in the world because that doesn’t reflect on the ordinary people of UK one little bit.

  28. I don’t understand why it is so wrong to say we don’t want these refugees. Why can’t the EU governments ALL act together with their military to make things safe for inhabitants of these troubled countries. I’m not talking war….Britain in debt, NHS failing and in debt, councils cutting millions of £££,fire and police service cutbacks, prisons overcrowded

  29. Britain in debt… Wealth of the monarchy rising, number of millionaires and billionaires in the UK rising, property prices rapidly rising, private rents rising, numbers of empty or second homes rising, numbers of properties bought to let rising, amount of uncollected tax rising…

  30. Are we on the same planet???
    He’s not talking about the wealth of the monarchy, billionaires,millionaires,private landlords rents etc. etc
    He’s talking about the public debt that affects the working class.

  31. I know that. And as I’ve been trying to say for a while now and as you cannot understand for some reason. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. The country is awash with money,most of it in the wrong place and doing no good. Blame immigrants, blame the EU, blame those on benefits, all a smokescreen, all a distraction,diverting the public blame so those causing the problems can continue to do so at their leisure.

  32. “The country is awash with money,most of it in the wrong place and doing no good.”
    And who gets to decide the “right place” for this money to reside?

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