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Changes to car parking charges in Lichfield could raise more than £200,000. A new report from Lichfield District Council has recommended increases to hourly rates and season passes. The changes would see short stay prices become:
  • One hour – £1 (10p increase)
  • Two hours – £1.90 (10p increase)
  • Three hours – £2.90 (20p increase)
  • Four hours – £3.80 (20p increase)
  • All day – £8 (£1 increase)
Meanwhile, long stay car parks would see charges of:
  • Four hours – £2.10 (10p increase)
  • Six hours – £3.20 (20p increase)
  • All day – £4.30 (30p increase)
Drivers holding parking permits will also see a rise, with six month passes going up by £50 to £250, while one month tickets will increase £10 to £50.
Helen Fisher
A report from Cllr Helen Fisher, Cabinet member for tourism at Lichfield District Council, said the new proposals had come about after a consultation with local residents. “It is estimated that the proposed tariff rises will generate approximately £200,000 in income and ensure that the costs of the parking operation will be covered in future years,” Cllr Fisher’s report said. However, the consultation revealed that not all groups were supportive of the charging changes. The Lichfield Business Improvement District said it could not support increases due to the potential impact on local businesses, and said that rises in permit charges could have a significant impact on low-paid or part-time workers in the city. The Friends of Beacon Park also raised concerns that an increased tariff could see drivers using residential streets instead. The new proposals will be discussed at the council’s economic growth, environment and development overview and scrutiny meeting tomorrow (April 21).


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5 replies on “Councillors to debate plan to raise £200,000 by increasing car parking charges in Lichfield”

  1. So the majority of replies to the consultation vindicated increasing all of the parking charges, and not one of those replies in the consultation process had an intelligent alternative suggestion that would have relieved parking issues on residential streets, on behalf of residents, surrounding the city centre?
    As usual Lichfield District Councillor Helen Fisher is hiding behind an ignored consultation, and a minimalist press release by way of a public announcement to carry out the inevitable outcome she wanted, to raise parking charges on the citizens and visitors of Lichfield, the report never had to say anything more than “It is estimated that the proposed tariff rises will generate approximately £200,000 in income”
    We are both being fleeced and having our public services destroyed by councillors such as Helen Fisher who cant see past the bottom line and have no concept of civic responsibility towards the electorate.

  2. Another idea could be to have a Lichfield fund for residents of Lichfield to pay say £10 per month per household for the upkeep of the City and to splash out now and again on things which arent related to simply offering a service or on popular projects. This would mean residents would pay for the privilege of living in this wonderful City rather than charging outsiders to visit.

  3. Great choice of picture, gleefully clapping the increase to the coffers.

    It’s a tough one, councils need money to pay for those cars and chains of office, which can’t all be funded by selling off buildings belonging to the citizens.

    £200,000 is an arbitrary figure which was probably nearly achieved by the over payment system which councils estimate into the revenues. You see, they may only increase by 10p, but topping the pound figure means people have to pay exact or the change goes into the councils coffers.

    £200,000 is a fair, face value figure, it’s likely much more from people without the right money.


  4. Yet more reasons to take our shopping to places such as Ventura Park, where parking is free, or as more and more seem to do …. Park at Tesco’s and walk into town. Less then for the council all together.

  5. Another example of making statistics say what you want them to. The responses to the consultation show plenty of reasoning about why the charging going up isn’t a great idea yet those are quietly swept aside as the monster with pound signs for eyes appears. Be honest. Say you need to raise cash one way or another and it’s either this or something else and admit that it might hit business but needs must. This site’s bringing some of these political debates and decision making processes out into the open and it’s clear they’ve been used to saying what they like and doing what they like in the council chamber. Now we’re getting the chance to see farces like the chairman’s car for what they are how’s about a bit of honesty and openness. Times are hard for local councils, we get it. So how’s about just telling it like it is for a change.

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