Lichfield Household Recycling Centre. Pic: Google Streetview
Charges are being introduced for some types of waste left at the household recycling centres in Lichfield and Burntwood.
Lichfield Household Recycling Centre. Pic: Google Streetview
Staffordshire County Council says that the cost of disposing of “non-household” waste should not be entirely footed by the authority. The items to be charged for include:
  • A bag of soil or rubble – £3
  • Plasterboard – £4 per sheet or bag
  • Tyres – £4 each
Cllr Gill Heath, Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for environment and the communities, said: “Our recycling centres take domestic waste produced during normal day-to-day household life free of charge and that will continue unchanged. “But waste generated by DIY, home improvements or extensive landscaping of gardens is not legally regarded as household rubbish and, like many other councils, we’ve decided to cover the cost of processing it.” People will be able to pay be either debit or credit card. Cllr Heath added: “Charging to cover the costs of disposing of such materials as soil, rubble, plasterboard and tyres will ensure that we continue to offer residents a convenient way to dispose of awkward and difficult waste. “At the same time reducing the cost of recycling will allow us to focus on supporting the most vulnerable people in society and statutory services in Staffordshire.”


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11 replies on “Charges to be introduced for some types of non-household waste left at recycling centres in Lichfield and Burntwood”

  1. The council want us to be more like Birmingham.

    Here we go, dumping all over the place. Looking forward to the sofas and mattresses on lots of streets.

    Such a short sighted view. Save a few quid and then spend far more, tidying up the mess.

  2. The County Council’s Opposition Group has called in this decision for further scrutiny and review. There has been inadequate consultation(including with Waste collection councils at district level) and the impact on fly-tipping has not been fully considered – yet the changes are due to come into force on 1st November. And pity the poor operatives who gave to enforce this new charging regime! The call-in will be heard on 26 October.

  3. Excellent news Sue, glad you are on the case.

    I have worked over the years with numerous companies. Often accepting and processing small amounts of money, costs them far more than the money they are receiving. Once you look at receiving, storing, security, recording, processing…..

  4. Typical LDC have no idea what they are doing, in short more fly tipping and more waste going into the black bin !!!!
    The tip gets busy and imagine the delays whilst people are trying to find some staff member with a card machine !!!! chaos will follow.
    I would never pay to dispose of soil it goes into the ground for goodness sake !!!!

  5. Yes, typical Lichfield DC not managing the household recycling centres they don’t have the rights to manage. Perhaps you may want to try turning your anger towards Staffordshire County Council which operates the waste centre.

  6. How to encourage further fly tipping, therefore charge the responsible people! thats what will happen since the irresponsible idiots will simply dump their rubbish anywhere. How short sighted of LDC

  7. I hope CCTV will be installed outside the recycling centre, or numerous vans will be dumping outside.

    I was at the recycling centre today. From 2nd November, staff will search your car to see what you are taking to the site.

    Is this a saving, someone to check all the cars? Will the money generated just be lost by the cost of having a member of staff tied up checking cars all day?

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