Paul Ray

A Liberal Democrat councillor has insisted “quality is more important than quantity” when it comes to attending meetings.

The issue of attendance came to the fore after it emerged that just 13 of 47 elected representatives turned up to an annual briefing on social housing.

Paul Ray

Figures revealed that Lib Dem Cllr Paul Ray missed four of the 13 meetings he was expected to attend, giving him an attendance of just over 69% for the year to date. Rules introduced last year mean councillors who do not reach 75% will have a month’s worth of allowances deducted.

But Cllr Ray – who also stood for the party at the last general election – insisted he could be an effective member of the council even if he did not turn up to every meeting.

“Quality is more important than quantity,” he said. “I’m not one of those councillors who just sits there during meetings. I read all the papers and speak at the meetings.

“Also, the attendance figures do not take into account the many other meetings I attend where I am trying to get some change or action for the district, such as recent meetings with the chief executive of the council to explore how to get more affordable house building moving, or with the planning department and the developer to move the stalled development at the Windmill pub site forward.

“And I’m active in the community meeting with other bodies like Beacon Street Area Residents Association, Fusion Credit Union and Staffordshire Highways.”

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2 replies on “Lib Dem councillor says quality is more important than quantity when it comes to attending meetings”

  1. I can concede that 100% attendance may be difficult, as well as to note their are more duties then council meetings. However, you should try to attend all you can, if not, they a good reason must be submitted to the public.

    Ideally, I’d like to see the community works of councillors advertised more. If very easy to say “we do alot more then meetings”, but can you broadcast it more?

    Sites like this do a decent job, but as a councillor I’d like to see more’bragging’ of your good deeds. Embrace social media, get your party shouting about it’s achievements.

    Right now, one of the only ways to judge our councillors (as the public) are records of meetings. If you guys can show more of your work, then maybe we’ll start to have faith in you

  2. I see that Cllr Ray does have an excuse as he missed the Full Council meeting held on the 17th of May that agreed the 75% rule. Mind you he also didn’t turn up for the following Full Council meeting that decided the future Management Structure for the Council. Not an unimportant meeting as we shall see over the next couple of years.
    “I read all the papers and speak at the meetings” he says. Not at the most important meeting in the civic year on the 21st of February he didn’t. This meeting decided the budget, and council tax, for the following year but he didn’t bother with that one either!

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