An artist's impression of the new Burntwood retail development

Planners have been urged to give a new retail development in Burntwood the green light.

An artist’s impression of the new Burntwood retail development

Proposals have been drawn up for a series of units on the former Olaf Johnson site in the town.

A number of letters supporting the application have been written by local residents, although some have raised concerns over the type of retail businesses the development might attract.

B&M and Iceland are already believed to have agreed to move onto the site if it is built.

There were worries that the new retail centre would draw attention away from Sankey’s Corner, turning the area into “a ghost town”.

But a report to a meeting of Lichfield District Council insists the scheme – which would include three ‘pod’ units, up to nine retail units and a drive-thru facility – should be given the go-ahead.

“Economically, there is a clear need for the provision of new retail facilities within Burntwood,” the report says. “The current scheme is of a scale that will allow Burntwood to expand while not having a significant detrimental impact on existing retailers at Sankey’s Corner.

“Burntwood has a significant population that is expanding and basic needs should be met, as far as possible, within Burntwood rather than having to visit neighbouring centres.”


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3 replies on “Call for new shopping development in Burntwood to be given the go-ahead”

  1. It was always uppermost in our minds (all elected members in Burntwood from whatever Party) that there had to been links to Sankey’s Corner and Chasetown High Street where possible.

    The Burntwood Neighbourhood Plan, which I started and currently a “lay” member, proposes that Sankey’s Corner “… will be protected and enhanced with redevelopment and/or visual improvements encouraged to help benefit the town centre and wider area as a whole.”

    We must all ensure this comes to pass.

  2. Sankey’s Corner is almost dead on its feet. The investment will not come, especially since most of it is private leasehold, is it not, and the retail units will merely shift the focus finally to the Morrison- Aldi axis? This is a prime example of the need for owenership and planning by the locality, but too late for Sankey’s IMO, which no doubt will make more money for the landowners as a housing sell-off.

  3. Is this the same retail development that was overturned by the Government years ago? How is it that other towns all over the UK get lovely shops and the people of Burntwood get the dump that is Sankeys Corner? Derelict pub and a soon to be closing bank? Lived here 50 years and nothing has changed. I won’t hold my breathe…

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