National Memorial Arboretum

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Plans have been drawn up for a new events pavilion at the National Memorial Arboretum. The proposal is the latest stage in the planned development of the Alrewas site, following the recently completed Remembrance Centre. Any events held at the arboretum are currently held in temporary marquees. The new facility – which would be built next to Millennium Avenue – will include function and meeting rooms. Should Lichfield District Council planners approve the scheme, it would mean the Police Garden and Phantom Garden being relocated elsewhere in the arboretum. A statement supporting the application said the planned location was the most appropriate: “The most important consideration to have the events pavilion in close proximity to the Remembrance Centre. “The majority of events hosted are intrinsically linked to nearby facilities and memorials, and it is key for users and visitors to be immersed within the arboretum, particularly during events related to remembrance. “It is important that delegates and visitors feel they have unhindered access to the site once at an event and that they can take in key views of the site. “The proposals will support the long term and sustainable growth of the National Memorial Arboretum as a major attraction in Lichfield.” Full details of the proposals can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


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One reply on “National Memorial Arboretum unveils plans for permanent events pavilion”

  1. YES!
    – The NMA needs a new Events Pavilion.

    – The chosen site is WRONG!
    – It will destroy FOREVER the original ICONIC sightline from the Visitors Centre down The Beat – the embryonic avenue of chestnut trees, “A LIVING TRIBUTE TO MEMBERS OF THE POLICE SERVICE.”
    – A building totally separate from the Visitors Centre is isolated and a HIGH SECURITY RISK.
    – It will destroy two ORIGINAL (Pre-Royal British Legion) memorials. Plot-holders have no rights!

    The NMA’s amended plan to relocate the Phantom Memorial Garden and the Police Memorial Garden (dated 5th June 2017) has appeared ONLY TODAY (7th June 2017) on LDC Planning website.

    – Security issues are still ignored! WHY?!
    – Destruction of historic planned view ignored. WHY?! How disrespectful it is to our Police Forces!

    See Neighbour comments on LDC website planning application documents for more information.

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