Sandfields Pumping Station

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Part of an historic building in Lichfield has been vandalised.
Sandfields Pumping Station
Sandfields Pumping Station was targeted on Friday (August 18). A man was captured on camera causing what the Lichfield Waterworks Trust described as a “considerable amount of damage” to the Grade II* listed building. In a statement the trust said: “Heritag crime and acts of vandalism like this set the charitable trust’s cause back immeasurably, and damage to our heritage is often irreplaceable or repairable. “This is just utter contempt for anyone else in society. “The hard work, the community spirit, the wiliness to share and the giving to others to do good mean nothing to this individual.”


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7 replies on “Vandal caught on camera damaging historic Sandfields Pumping Station in Lichfield”

  1. Likely one of the youths who’s been kicking in the side door of Kwik Save and climbing onto the roof for ‘bants’ or YouTube views.

  2. Thanks for the praise JimBob! Just pointing out that a story on vandalism, with actual footage of a police car at the scene with the suspect in view, they may have enlightened us with details. Otherwise whats the point?
    In other news, an eclipse was viewed yesterday, somewhere, maybe….

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