Almost half of all homes in Lichfield and Burntwood have signed up to pay for brown bin collections.

Figures from Lichfield District Council reveal that 21,719 properties – around 44% of the total number of properties – have subscribed for garden waste collections.

The controversial £36 charge came into effect at the start of the year, following criticism of what the Labour opposition group branded as a “bin tax”, while councillors also rejected claims the move would lead to an increase in fly-tipping.

But the figures so far show the council are just 1% off their target for the first year of the charging scheme.

Cllr Iain Eadie, Cabinet member for operational services, leisure and waste, said: “We’re grateful to our local residents who’ve signed up to our garden waste scheme.

“We took this decision understanding Staffordshire County Council need to make savings in what they give to councils, like Lichfield District Council, to help fund waste collections.

“By signing up, our residents have helped make sure we can continue to offer garden waste collections without impacting any of the other services we provide to our community.”

To sign up to the garden waste service visit or call 0345 002 0022.


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15 replies on “Figures reveal 44% of properties in Lichfield and Burntwood have agreed to pay brown bin collection charge”

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  1. But 66% haven’t. And as the gardening season is not yet well under way there is still time for the fly-tipping situation to change.

  2. And the alternative for those 44% would be to do what the other 56% do and stuff it in their black bin. These statistics prove that 44% of all residents in the Lichfield district are honest law abiding citizens. Or that at present 66% of commenters to this post can do the maths.

  3. Where the maths is concerned it must be me and you Rob that Nellygb is referring to. Stuff it in my black bin? As if!

  4. Paid for the brown bin and first collection we had two bin liners of garden waste next to our full bin. They left them!
    If my bin is empty I’m putting s handful off grass in it and wheeling it down to the end of the drive every two weeks!

  5. The councils own figures prove that over half refused to pay the bin tax that’s got to be more to the point.

  6. Lets break Councillor Eadies statement down “By signing up, our residents have helped make sure we can continue to offer garden waste collections without impacting any of the other services we provide to our community.”
    When they looked at the figures previously when making the decision to go ahead, this number was the sign up they were hoping for.
    The residents have helped make sure the council receives an extra £782,000 most of who probably had no choice but to pay to have it taken away, with no practical given alternative.

    You would hope that with the extra money, they will be impacting other services in the community, something vital, like social care, homelessness, helping vulnerable persons.

  7. I’m not happy about this either, but just a little perspective – there was no organic waste collection in Lichfield District twenty five years ago.

    People managed. We’ve just got used to the convenience.

  8. Don’t give them any ideas. I wouldn’t put it past them though. The black bins just might need emptying weekly if they did.

  9. How long before the stories start to come out.

    100 Lichfield residents, fined for putting garden waste in their black bin.

  10. We’ve removed all trees and bushes from our garden, and I’ve been talking to a few people who are doing the same. Low maintenance, low green waste, just a bag of grass cuttings in the black bin. Not going to be good for the wider ecosystem if enough people make the same decision. The other thing I’ve noticed are really long queues at the dump in Lichfield and Rugeley. Obviously the council are hoping people will get fed up and pay before too long.

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