Michael Fabricant

The MP for Lichfield and Burntwood has come under fire for calling a teenager “a complete twat” on social media.

Michael Fabricant made his comments on Twitter after the poster had questioned his commitment to part of the constituency.

Darcy May had called the Conservative MP “weak and wobbly” after suggesting he did not give enough attention to Burntwood.

But Mr Fabricant hit back:

In a response on Facebook, 19-year-old Darcy described the MP’s comments as “disgusting”.

She said: “I never used foul language to him – I even asked if he would like to discuss this further in private message or in person, which he didn’t respond to.

“He would rather his followers slam me for expressing an opinion.

“I never mentioned a vote in Burntwood and I never slammed the Tories – I literally just complained about Burntwood, yet I’m getting loads of messages from his ‘supporters’ attacking me personally.”

Darcy said she hoped people would take a stand against the MP’s comments.

“It is important that we show authorities that hateful language and talking down to us will not be tolerated,” she said. “Regardless of your political views, we should all take a stand.

“We are all human and deserve to be spoken to with respect.”

Mr Fabricant told LichfieldLive that Twitter was “not for the easily offended”.

“Darcy is one of over a million people who interact with me each month on Twitter one way or another,” he said. “Often, especially at election time, Momentum trolls from Glasgow and elsewhere purport to comment on events in Lichfield and Burntwood while knowing nothing about the area and having no connection with the area either.

“Darcy made no attempt to explain on her Twitter profile or in her message what age she is, or that she actually lives anywhere near Burntwood.

“Instead she chose to reply to a post of mine which said that Labour had had disappointing election results with her rude response: ‘Not as disappointing as Burntwood since you neglected it. WEAK AND WOBBLY’. No indication of anything else. For all I know she is a Russian troll in St Petersburg – there are plenty of those.

“I do not neglect Burntwood nor were there any elections in Burntwood so her tweet was not only unpleasant, but inaccurate too.

“Twitter is not like Facebook. It is not for those who are easily offended – unless they deliberately choose to be offended for political gain. ‘Snowflakes’ they are called. Labour activists love playing that game.

“Having said that, if Darcy really is a constituent and makes contact with me in the proper way through my Parliamentary website or by letter, I would be more than happy to meet her and talk about politics – though the running of Burntwood is of course a local government matter. I do that all the time.”

But Darcy told LichfieldLive that Mr Fabricant “should know better”.

She explained: “I was shocked and disappointed – nobody deserves to be disrespected or spoken to in that manner.

“Someone in his position should know better.”


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. Sad to say this is the level a lot of us have come to expect from our MP. His original tweet was about the local elections, so his criticism that Darcy was talking about local politics doesn’t hold water. Equally, his tactic of attack first is unbecoming of anyone and to claim if she is easily offended she shouldn’t go on Twitter is staggering – not everyone who uses this form of social media descends to his level. His suggestion that she approaches him through “proper channels” is also hollow, as this invariably leads nowhere at all if he doesn’t agree with your point or is just uninterested. Above all his “I am loved” comment says everything you need to know about his attitude.
    This exchange is indeed shameful for someone who holds an elected office. But it also does not come as a surprise to those who dare to question him or who, heaven forbid, holds differing views on any subject whatsoever.

  2. As Mark Twain said “The truth hurts, but silence kills!!!!

    Honest debate and questions should never be dissuaded.

    Oh and I am a Burntwood resident.

  3. This response doesn’t justify what he tweeted. Irrelevant of if she lives in Burntwood or Russia, we would want either no response or a professional response from our MP.

    Mr Fabricant is in the public eye, he is our representative and his responses are looked upon and influences people opinions. Darcy hasn’t just been disgustingly insulted but this has led to other short minded people to attack her also.

    Some quote for Mr Fabricant: –

    “lead by example to encourage and foster respect and tolerance”
    “treat others in a professional and straightforward manner”

    Your own party’s Code of conduct. Where was your Tolerance? Where is you Professionalism?
    Even when finding out she is one of his constituents he will not accept his response was rash and unprofessional, and give an apology.

    Man up, you are wrong.

  4. The MP’s response is, as usual, completely inadequate and serves to reinforce just how rude and self-satisfied he is. A million interactions a month? Ridiculous. No wonder he’s got so little time for his constituents (including eg a resident at our Labour advice surgery this morning who came for help as he offered none). Don’t be fazed, Darcy. So glad you’re taking a stand on this.

  5. “That’s why I’m loved!”

    That’s all you need to know about Fabricant. A sycophantic shyster who’s made a career of buttering up the grey vote to stay in power.

  6. And why exactly is anyone shocked at his response? I have lived through Mr Fabricant’s tenure as our representative in parliament and I am really struggling to think of a single thing he has done for us in Chase Terrace, Chase Town and Boney Hay, let alone Burntwood. I don’t expect he will be on here listing his achievements in this area any time soon either. To busy on twatter, sorry twitter I suppose. Oh and I don’t love you either just in case you do read this.

  7. For all I know she is a Russian troll in St Petersburg – there are plenty of those.

    I did not realise Putin was so interested in Burntwood. Then again, he probably knows more about it than Fab.

  8. Its the people from Lichfield that keep this idiot in his nice safe seat, people of burntwood just get dragged along with it, I cannot say I have ever seen him in burntwood without the use of a map or his banking iPhone

  9. How disgraceful that a sitting MP can feel that to express himself in such a way is anything other than unacceptable.

    There are number of problems with what he has done which include but are not limited to his blatant offensive manner towards a ligitimate challenge from a constituent, his grossly self inflated self righteousness, his apparent lack of awareness of what his constituents will think of such an attack and worse of all, his unbending refusal to see anything wrong in what he has done.

    Young people on all sides of the political spectrum should be encouraged to take an interest in politics. They should not be placed in fear of expressing themselves due to expectation of abuse as a result. Least of all not from someone who is meant to be their representative in Parliament.

    This isn’t the first time he has done this sort of thing. Remember when he said he wanted to punch a Question Time panelist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in the throat? Remember when he shouted out “Bollocks” in the house of commons during a Brexit debate?

    In one tweet Michael Fabricant has summed up everything that is wrong with him as our MP. He has proved he cannot engage in meaningful debate without being offensive and attacking people personally, he has proved he cannot see how offensive he is in his response above. He has proved that he cannot even come up with a good reason why he behaves the way he does, making up utter nonsense when asked for an explanation.

    It matters not how old the person was, it matters not what gender they are, it matters not where they originate from. He should either have ignored the challenge if he felt it was spurious or been courteous in his response.

    His Conservative group on Burntwood Town Council have even asked him to open the Burntwood Wakes Festival this year. I assume they will be providing him with a map. Any parents attending might be wise to bring ear defenders for young children as I wouldn’t trust him to deliver an opening speech with a mouth like his. Let’s hope he doesn’t go round trying to kiss any babies with a mouth as filthy as that! As a Burntwood Town Councillor, I for one shall boycott the Wakes this year due to his attendance. I do not wish to be associated with any event that he is guest of honour at.

    I would urge people to remember what he is like and who his supporters are when it next comes to casting a ballot in Burntwood, Lichfield and the villages in this constituency.

  10. I absolutely agree with all the above except Mike Sandwell. Mike I live in Lichfield and I have not and never would vote for this arrogant, obnoxious, self centred, self serving excuse for an MP, but accept that unfortunately the majority of Lichfieldians are Tories or the majority come out to vote, and let’s face it Labour have never really put up a good enough candidate to oust him out. Maybe those in the know could have a word with the Labour party in time for the next general election to provide us with a really high calibre alternative candidate and work harder at encouraging those Labour voters that have give up voting to start doing so again. Only then will we stand any chance of change.

  11. Fabricant couldn’t be bothered to support Burntwood and Hammerwich residents over the recent Local Plan housing sites allocations or defend our green belt against a Tory Minister -unlike Andrew Mitchell MP who spoke up for his constituency of Sutton Coldfield.

    An MP who does not have regular advertised advice surgeries in a town serving a 30,000 population does not deserve to “represent” his constituents in Parliament.

    I challenge the more sensitive Conservative party members to view his tweets (with sick bag to hand) and judge who is worse Trump or Fabricant?

  12. As our MP is still attempting to justify his approach to this 19 year old student, its probably worth noting that today she Tweeted a photo of herself at Lichfield’s Speaker’s Corner, talking about what she learned from her recent visit to Aushwitz.

  13. It is absolutely disgraceful and appalling that Michael Fabricant has the gall to treat anybody in the way he has, but to do this to a young person shows how far he has slumped. Let us now hope that is what happens to him at the ballot box next time. Darcy Is to be congratulated on the way she has conducted herself and it cannot have been easy to put up with what has happened to her, but she can certainly be assured of the support she is receiving from so many.

  14. Oh dear : here we go again .A university professor claimed that 800 years ago the word tw*t meant a vagina . In the 20th Century this word was a mild schoolboy insult : by the 21st century it was rather archaic .David Cameron was caught out using it on the radio about 10 years ago. Motto is you shouldn’t believe all professors tell you.

  15. I’m disgusted and saddened by Michael Fabricant’s behaviour here.

    We all deserve to be treated with respect by each other. I cannot think of a worse example of disrespect when a MP who is our elected representative acts in a way like this to one of his constituents.

    I’m afraid that this is also not the only example of Michael Fabricant’s poor standard of behaviour to the residents of Lichfield and Burntwood.

    Michael – you need to give an unreserved apology to Darcy (just do it) and modify your future behaviour.

  16. As a longstanding resident of Lichfield & Conservative voter I have increasingly become dismayed and annoyed by the antics of this self-publicising loose cannon of an MP. He is an embarrassment to himself, his party and the constituency he represents. I suspect the nearest he ever gets to Burntwood are his forays into Waitrose! The time has now come for the members of the Lichfield Conservative party to seriously consider if this man is a right & proper person to represent this city in parliament. To quote Leo Amery in the debate on the conduct of World War 2 that led to the resignation of Neville Chamberlain “You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

  17. Why demand an apology that he won’t mean? A resignation or sacking would be the best response. So we all know what to do at the next election.

  18. Only a totally ignorant twat uses words he doesn’t know the meaning of.

    This matter has brought Fabricant’s pattern of behaviour to my attention for the first time – no, I’m not a Russian or Labour Troll, just a normal guy. He comes across as the archetypal supercilious twat to me – there’s 3 words for him to look up!

  19. well said Mr Fabricant. It is good to teach these young people that they cannot dish out abuse without repercussions. She could’ve made a valid point , but decided to attack the man.

  20. As a long standing Conservative voter I have finally come to the end of my tether with Mr Fabricant’s increasingly strange & erratic behaviour. It is about time his local party realised that he lets himself, his party & his constituency down by such behaviour. We in Lichfield itself are in danger of becoming a national laughing stock for electing such a man as this has matter has now been reported on the BBC and in the Evening Standard amongst others. In the words of Leo Amery in the House of Commons debate following the fall of France in 1940 to Neville Chamberlain
    ” You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go”

  21. I see Fabricant’s no.1 fan Dave is here as well. No she didn’t attack him, she gave him an antonym of May’s “strong and stable,” he came out with the attack, and now he’s trying to say he didn’t know what the word meant, though it was a bot etc. etc.

    Your puppy dog loyalty is as embarrassing as his lamentable attempts to cover up this faux pas.

  22. In Michael Fabricant’s Member of Parliament own words “I am gobsmacked by the vilification of my right hon. Friend on social media” speaking about Esther McVey in Parliament, on the 23rd Jan 2018.
    “This House is at its best when it comes together to condemn evil action and we are not trying to score political points against one another” speaking on Hate Crime 12th Mar 2018.

    But now it is OK to say what he wants, because it’s twitter and you shouldn’t be easily offended if you use a social media platform.
    Double Standards? you are a tw*t if you are a constituent voicing a reasonable point, and it is reasonable, his commitment in parliament towards his constituency is exceedingly low, you only have to look at “They work for you” to see that his appearances in house have been about Wales, or verbally patting the back of the Birmingham Mayor or the Police Crime Commissioner.

    Is this really the best that the local Conservative Party can do to represent the people of Lichfield and Burntwood in Government? can they not field a better suited candidate at General Elections?

    I think it’s fair to say from the previous comments that we the Constituents are “Gobsmacked” by the vilification and treatment of one of our own, the opening of the Burntwood Wakes by Michael Fabricant should be an interesting event.

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