The proposed layout of the new Deanslade development

A report has backed plans for a new 475-home development in Lichfield.

The proposed layout of the new Deanslade Park development

The proposal will see the creation of a new Deanslade Park residential development, school and country park on land off Falkland Road and the Birmingham Road.

Objections had been raised by Lichfield City Council, who said a greater number of bungalows should be built and called for assurances that the country park would be opened before the first properties are occupied.

But a report to Lichfield District Council’s planning committee this evening (July 2) said the scheme should be given the go-ahead, insisting that the issue around bungalows could not be considered as there was no policy within the council’s Local Plan

Of the 475 homes planned, the report revealed that 176 – or 37% – would be earmarked as affordable housing through either social rental or shared ownership.

“Economically the proposal will provide employment opportunities, through creating a development opportunity, whose future residents would support existing and proposed facilities within the area,” the report said.

“Socially, the proposal would have little impact upon existing residents, whilst suitable conditions can secure the amenity of future residents within the site. In addition the scale of development is compliant with the requirements of the council’s Local Plan strategy.”

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9 replies on “Report backs proposal for 475 homes to be built on land in Lichfield”

  1. How can 475 new homes not have an impact on local residents?

    A report from the same people who continually said Friarsgate was fine.

    The Planning Department are not fit for purpose. They have no idea of the impact of their decisions. I once objected to a local development. I was never listened to.

    All of the impacts that I said would happen. Have happened. I have to live with the impact and the impact on my health and my families. The Planning Department, just sit in ignorance and let the world go by.

  2. Steve,
    You are right it has to have an impact.Its more people going to the town centre by car, causing more congestion. I hope the planning commitee have took into account the construction traffic using the appropriate roads to service the site (I dont think so !!) The Streethay development does’nt have conditions and all we see every day is the construction HGVs using the town centre road and not the Trunk roads. I have to say the same as you the Planning Commtitee have no Foresight and have lacked it for years. Lichfield is getting too congested for its size. No doubt the LDC will say the Southern Bypass will be the answer but i’m afraid it wont.

  3. Steve….When you look at other developments in this area like Knowle Lane and Cricket Lane this Deanslade site will join up and fill a great swathes of Southern Lichfield. Well over a thousand houses and an industrial and office site. This along with another thousand houses on a large site this side of Tamworth,and other developments in and around Lichfield. Because of government policy that presumes acceptance for sustainable development then there is little the council will do. The planning department just follows slavishly. It is open season for builders and they are filling their boots while the going is good. And yes, they are destroying a once lovely city in the process. On the health aspect, most of these new developments will have a Southern Bypass Extension running right through them with all the carcinogenic particulates and fumes. The health and environment officer of the unelected administration does not think this is a significant problem??

  4. I totally agree with you Steve shocking numbers
    the planning and council has a track record of ignorance and not fit for purpose plans, having lived in Lichfield my entire life at the age of 54 I’m fully aware of the impact these numbers will have on the community and services which have been removed time and time again by the same councils in recent years, wildlife schools farming health care, gps social care, environmental health effects omissions on pothole roads around Lichfield, no doubts its the same leader of all that has failed so far…………

  5. 475 homes sounds like a great idea especially being built close to the new shopping centre planned oops no shopping centre still they can always go and admire the newly created buildings site err sorry newly created open space. I know there is a Severn foot fence round it but you can peek though the badly fitted gates.god bless England god bless Lichfield god help the residents and rate payers

  6. So the increase in school places for all ages has been planned for and the extra health care provisions put into place GP’s Dentists etc with a corresponding increase in budget?
    I’m not against the houses, especially social renting, as there are far too many “over 55” expensive developments in Lichfield but I have a feeling that none of this has been properly addressed and will be an afterthought.

  7. Imagine if they’d built 500ish homes in Burntwood without any school or health care provision, no local infrastructure development and a decreasing number of local amenities e.g most banks and potentially the post office… Oh wait they did.

    I do hope LDC are consistent and totally ignore residents valid concerns as they did in Burntwood.

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