Lichfield District Council leader Mike Wilcox

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The leader of Lichfield District Council has been urged to step aside and let “proper people” fix the Friarsgate fiasco.
Cllr Mike Wilcox
New Labour councillor Colin Ball used his victory speech after winning the Curborough ward by-election to take aim at Conservative leader Mike Wilcox. The loss of the seat – and the heavy manner of the defeat – is likely to pile more pressure on Cllr Wilcox after the collapse of the Friarsgate redevelopment after it emerged funding was never on the table to make the scheme a reality. Cllr Ball said after his win: “I will be holding the Tory administration to account on behalf of people of Curborough who voted me in. “I will be looking at the mess they have made of Friarsgate, and will be calling for Cllr Wilcox to resign as leader. “It is nothing personal, but it’s about time we had proper people in place to make a real job of it. I have 40 years of experience in the field and will be calling for an all-party group to look at sorting the Friarsgate mess.” Cllr Wilcox attended the count but refused to speak to LichfieldLive about the result.


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One reply on “New councillor calls on Conservative leader of Lichfield District Council to step down and let “proper people” fix Friarsgate fiasco”

  1. “Cllr Wilcox attended the count but refused to speak to LichfieldLive about the result.”

    Good try Ross but that one sentence just about sums up LDC

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