Cllr Mike Wilcox

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The leader of Lichfield District Council says his Conservative colleagues have backed him to continue in the post.
Cllr Mike Wilcox
Cllr Mike Wilcox had faced calls to resign after defeat in the Curborough by-election and the failure to see the Friarsgate redevelopment over the line, which culminated in half of the Cabinet standing down. Conservative councillors met last week and LichfieldLive understands the future of the leader had been on the agenda. But Cllr Wilcox confirmed that his councillors had given him their backing. “At last Thursday’s Conservative group meeting colleagues had a lengthy and good debate in private about the leadership and direction of the party,” he said. “This culminated in the decision to continue to support me as their leader. “I was obviously delighted with this endorsement and we shall now collectively as a group continue to focus on the issues that are important to the whole district.”


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7 replies on “Conservative councillors back leader of Lichfield District Council to continue in role”

  1. Oh no! The numpties vote for the Fool to carry on and against the wishes of the people here. There again, who could take over from him?

    Well, there is always the ballot box next year…if the voters can remember the Friarsgate shambles.

  2. The Conservatives love their ‘private’ meetings don’t they? They could do a lot of damage in the time they have left in office, including selling the land off to developers. Probably the same ones who would not support the Friarsgate project but are happy to take advantage of the easy pickings. If half their cabinet resigned because they could no agree with policy, what does that say about the proprietary of this council? Wilcox and his cohorts should be standing down and let the electorate decide. The magnitude of this debacle is great enough to discredit any actions they may now take. We pay the rates. We should call the tune.

  3. Pure arrogance . Sooner we can unelect these people the better and waiting another 12 months is not acceptable either …

  4. I read this with a heavy heart, he and his chums need to grow a pair and admit that they are useless and realise the Lichfield and Burntwood populace are against them. RETIRE NOW

  5. It’s all just a group of friends living on their “power”.

    They know they don’t have to change, most of the electorate have no idea what goes on:
    Friarsagte, will be the developers who let them down.
    MP’s racist tweet – my Iphone has a small screen
    MP’s twat tweet – Russian trolls
    No lift at LTV – Network Rail issues…….

    If it fails, it is someone elses fault.

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