People in Lichfield and Burntwood are being warned not to put items that cannot be recycled into their blue bins after five truck-loads were turned away from a sorting plant.

Lichfield District Council says it has stepped up checks for items such as black bin liners, unwashed recycling and used nappies after they were found during checks.

The local authority is now putting stickers on bins to remind residents – and said it will not empty any with contaminated waste.

Councillor David Leytham, Cabinet member for operational services, leisure and waste, said: “Our aim is to send as much of your waste to be recycled as possible.

“If loads of our recycling are turned away, it costs us money and is really disappointing as we know the majority of our residents work hard to recycle.

“We now need everyone to make sure they follow our guidance, which includes only putting recyclable items into your blue bins, making sure dirty items are rinsed out, and not putting recycling into black bin bags.

“By following these instructions, you won’t find a note on your bin saying that we cannot empty it due to contamination.”

Advice on what goes in which bin is available online.


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12 replies on “Warning blue bins in Lichfield and Burntwood won’t be collected if non-recyclable waste is found in them”

  1. Oh good. It’s now back to everything in one bin then is it. Can we now just have weekly collections of the black bins then. That one (sensible) suggestion could well be the one that saves the 2019/2020 budget overspend, shame it’s not on the questionnaire.

  2. Are we now to have spy catchers checking inside our bins on collection day? Washing out containers will waste vast amounts of water nationwide, hardly help the environment is it. If the council is so keen on recycling why do they not collect all the grass they leave when cutting all the verges, rather than leaving it to possibly clog the drains!

  3. LDC Council Meeting:

    “We’re deeply unpopular, but I feel we could do more…”

    “We could blame others for the Friarsgate scandal?”

    “We’ve done that”

    “We could raise council tax to just below the minimum for an election?”

    “Done that”

    “Charge for brown bins?”


    “Tell people that one of the few bin services they still receive, we might not collect due to some excuse we can make up?”

    *sounds of high-fives*

  4. It is actually true that if items for recycling are overly contaminated with unrecyclable stuff, then they will be rejected. I know it’s unpopular with some, and there may be plenty of reasons to get annoyed with the council, but on this occasion, taking a little bit of personal responsibility for our own actions is probably a more productive response.


  6. Wow, the recycling companies are more about money than actually being green?

    God, next you will say new home developers are just money grabbers and not actually interested in building communities.

  7. If you want a continental system, develop one, don’t blame people offered a crap service and blamed for it..

  8. That’s what I do: When they started charging to collect garden waste I started putting it in the black bin. Then I started to do the same with recyclables once I realised most of them ended up being landfilled or shipped to China. It’s so much nicer having just one bin instead of 3 cluttering up the front of the house.

  9. OMG!! Blame the firms that make none recycle waste it says on some of there containers recycle but you lot can’t recycle it as people have said just get rid of the blue bins and return to black bins. And why should we make the effort to wash to recycling when it mostly ends up in landfill. So just reverted back to one bin and weekly service….

  10. My blue bin has been rejected twice now , each time a different list of what is not acceptable is left on the bin.. Easily resolved though everything goes in the black bin in black bags … problem sorted especially as they are expecting all bottles and containers to have been thoroughly washed … council will loose money as recycling will reduce i feel significantly but thats the situation they have created …

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