Residents and motorists have been sharing their frustration at a series of roadworks in Lichfield.

Temporary traffic lights have been in place on the Burton Road through Streethay until 18th February for gas main repair works.

And there was more frustration for drivers due to roadworks around Greenhill and the Birmingham Road junction in Lichfield city centre.

There was more misery for motorists who faced a fresh set of temporary traffic lights on their commute this morning (31st January) as restrictions were put in place on Trent Valley Road near the Samuel Johnson Hospital.

Cllr Helen Fisher, Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet member for highways and transport said: “Keeping a county the size of Staffordshire on the move can be a challenge at times, especially when you have to factor in highways maintenance, major developments, utility and telecom projects and emergency work – sometimes all at once.

“We are seeing some considerable development work in Lichfield currently with a mixture of different utility upgrades and highway improvements. 

“Our highways teams continue to work closely with utility companies and developers to co-ordinate work to help minimise disruption to the travelling public.”

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11 replies on “Frustration for residents and motorists as roadworks blight key routes in Lichfield”

  1. “Our highways teams continue to work closely with utility companies and developers to co-ordinate work to help minimise disruption to the travelling public.”

    Failing then, clearly.

  2. Gridlock – so I abandoned shopping in Lichfield. Tamworth gets my business. The shoddy planning of gridlock at Greenhill & Brum Rd by Tempest Ford that was – is a total disaster.

  3. Tamworth? The A51 was stationary earlier due to 4 way temporary traffic lights. It took me 45 minutes to get from Hopwas Hill to Whittington Barracks. Imagine what the traffic will be like when they start to build HS2- that will take years!

  4. Arr and now have four way lights at packington, by the barracks,
    It took me 40 minutes to get from Tamworth to Lichfield yesterday .. Where it only normally takes 15 to 20 minutes
    There wasn’t any signs as to how long this will last.

  5. Every time you drive passed the brain dead idiots that work on the roads are just standing round chatting and not working which makes it even more frustrating

  6. It’s disgusting What will it take an accident ?someone dying ? Am sure it could each be done seperately or at night so there is minimal congestion in the day . It took me over an hour to get into work . I could of caught the train & arrived in London in the time it took to get into Lichfield

  7. My Grandson missed a hospital appointment on Wednesday as a result. My daughter allowed an hour for a 20 min journey and still missed it.

  8. Just wait till HS2 kicks off this is nothing compaired to what is to come, have to say the managment of road works within Lichfield is woefully managed creating gridlock misery for all.

  9. Simon.
    It will carry on till the SCC highways/County councillors does something about it. I have been asking if any Traffic planning conditions are in place for the HS2 Construction Traffic. No answers forthcoming. I have been asking if any were in place for the Streethay development, no answer. Probably not,That’s why you see vast amounts of construction traffic using the town centre round daily instead of being forced to use the A38/A5/Bypasses. Will there be any in place for the other developments surrounding/engulfing our City? No answer.It has taken years for the Debacle of the A515 to come to some form of compromise. Still not what the residents want and deserve, but something is being tried as an experiment.But that was only because of the relentless work of the Yoxall (YTAG) action group. Came to the conclusion that the SCC is Bias to Hauliers.
    We are still fighting for even a crumb of assistance for our issue, only been nearly 5 years though.
    Lichfield is being choked to death. And the SCC still does nothing.We are building lot of houses, but the road infrastructure is left untouched. No point in building a town centre,you can’t get into it !! You only have to have one incident on this road and it comes to a standstill.
    Technically the A5127 Trent Valley Road/Church St/Birmingham Road is the A38/A5.
    Visit our website see what we have been saying for years.

  10. Mike good observation. I was out jogging yesterday and as i turned off Upper St John Street i thought there was a Yellow Vest protest either side of the Birmingham Road?

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