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Another member of Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet is the subject of an investigation into a potential code of conduct breach.

Cllr David Leytham

An internal inquiry has begun after a complaint was made to the local authority about the entries in Cllr David Leytham’s register of interests.

The Cabinet member for leisure, waste and operational services at the district council, declined to comment on the issue while the investigation was taking place.

But documents seen by Lichfield Live confirm that the initial complaint about the Conservative representative in the Whittington and Streethay ward has been deemed worthy of further exploration by the local authority.

The council’s deputy monitoring officer said in a written reply to the original complaint: “It is clear that there is a case that if proven there would be a breach of the code of conduct in respect of the failure to register the business of the spouse and in respect of the failure the register the existence of a contractual relationship between Lichfield City Council and the spouse.”

Cllr Leytham’s current register of interests says he his also a chief invigilator for the Scottish Qualifications Authority while his wife is also listed as an invigilator for the Scottish Qualifications Authority. It does not include any reference to a contractual relationship between his partner and either council.

A Lichfield District Council spokesperson confirmed: “We investigate all complaints that are sent to us as required by our code of conduct and processes.”

The investigation follows that of several members of the leadership team at Lichfield District Council.

Deputy leader Cllr Ian Pritchard was forced to undertake re-training after being found to have not declared his role as director of a business, while fellow Cabinet member Cllr Ashley Yeates was also told to update his register of interests for similar reasons.

Even the council’s leader, Cllr Mike Wilcox, has been officially warned after being found to have used his official local authority email address on a site renting out his holiday home in Menorca.


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4 replies on “Another member of Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet facing investigation over potential code of conduct breach”

  1. Does a week go by without a member of the city council being exposed for some sort of issue?? Time for them all to go. Clean sweep. It’s not even as though they’re doing an “ok” job! £10m of local tax payers money gone up in smoke over the failed Friarsgate project – which Council Wilcox has already absolved himself from any blame.

    Literally – I don’t think I’ve come across a more incompetent council in my life as a Lichfield resident. Shameful.

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