The Conservatives have picked up seven seats at Lichfield District Council – despite the local elections being a month away.

Polling station sign. Pic: Neil Wykes

The early confirmation of councillors comes after four wards did not have enough candidates for a vote to take place:

Bourne Vale
Brian Yeates (Cons)

Little Aston and Stonnall
Elizabeth Little (Cons)
Joseph Powell (Cons)

Robert Strachan (Cons)

Whittington and Streethay
David Leytham (Cons)
Harry Warburton (Cons)
Alan White (Cons)

However, seats will be contested across the remaining wards with the representatives from Labour, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, UKIP and independent candidates battling out for the remaining seats at Lichfield District Council:

Alrewas and Fradley
Derick Cross (Cons)
David Cullen (Lab)
Michael Wilcox (Cons)
Sonia Wilcox (Cons)
Alison Wright (Lab)

Armitage with Handsacre
Lindsey Baker (Lab)
Nicholas Binney (Cons)
Richard Cox (Cons)
Steve Hyden (No party indicated)
Tom Marshall (Cons)

Boley Park
Linda Dickins (Lib Dem)
Janet Eagland (Cons)
Veran-Elise Palmer (Lab)
Christine Rapley (Lib Dem)
Mark Warfield (Cons)

Boney Hay and Central
Rob Birch (Lab)
Di Evans (Lab)
Thomas Loughbrough Heron (Cons)
Robin Place (Cons)
Brad Westwood (Lab)
Keith Willis-croft (Cons)

Muriel Boyle (Cons)
Kevin Casserley (UKIP)
Joanne Grange (Ind)
Sara Pritchard (Cons)
Paul Ray (Lib Dem)
Philip Sutcliffe (Lab)
Mark Taylor (Lab)
Miles Trent (Lib Dem)

Chase Terrace
Brian Bacon (Cons)
Norma Bacon (Cons)
Sharon Banevicius (Lab)
Steven Norman (Lab)

Darren Ennis (Lab)
Carolyn Gittings (Lab)
Samuel Tapper (Cons)

Colton and the Ridwares
Shirley Barnett (Cons)
Colin Noble (Lab)

Colin Ball (Lab)
Christopher Cadwallader-Allan (Lib Dem)
Daniel Floyd (Cons)
Diane Harrison (Green)
Anne Pitman (Lib Dem)
Dave Robertson (Lab)
Susan Smith (Cons)

Kathryn Dwyer (Lab)
Barry Gwilt (Cons)
Janet Higgins (UKIP)
James Parton-Hughes (Cons)
Jenny Sadler (Lab)

Hammerwich with Wall
Andy Bullock (Lab)
Jamie Denton (Lab)
Alastair Little (Cons)
Janice Silvester-Hall (Cons)

Wai-Lee Ho (Cons)
Elaine Kirkham (Lab)
Douglas Pullen (Cons)
Jane Smith (Lab)

Lee Cadwallader-Allan (Lib Dem)
Jamie Checkland (Cons)
Jamie Christie (Lib Dem)
Iain Eadie (Cons)
Paul Ecclestone-Brown (Greens)
Paul Golder (Lab)
Ian Jackson (Lib Dem)
Rajesh Kulkarni (Lab)
Kim Rochelle (Lab)
Andy Smith (Cons)

Mease Valley
Roger Bennion (Lib Dem)
Ashley Yeates (Cons)

Stuart Jones (Green)
David Salter (Cons)
David Thompson (Lab)

St Johns
Hugh Ashton (Lib Dem)
Deb Baker (Cons)
Robyn Fawcett (Lab)
Tim Matthews (Cons)
Don Palmer (Lab)
Simon Partridge (Greens)
John Smith (Lib Dem)
Christopher Spruce (Cons)
Benjamin Watkins (Lab)
Paul Yeo (Lib Dem)

Jeyan Anketell (Ind)
Alasdair Brooks (Lib Dem)
Matthew Field (Lab)
Colin Greatorex (Cons)
Angela Lax (Cons)
Paul McDermott (Lib Dem)
Jon O’Hagan (Cons)
Richard Rathbone (Lib Dem)
Alan Schofield (UKIP)
Christoper Wilkinson (Ind)

Summerfield and All Saints
Bernard Brown (Lab)
Laura Ennis (Lab)
John Hitchin (UKIP)
Ken Humphreys (Cons)
Natasha Pullen (Cons)
Roy Tovey (Lab)
Heather Tranter (Cons)

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25 replies on “Full list of Lichfield District Council local election candidates confirmed”

  1. Interesting to see Jeyan Anketell has decided to leave his long-standing membership of the Lib Dems and stand as an Independent.

  2. I have been missed off the list for Chadsmead Ward. I am one of those standing for the Liberal Democrats. I share the aspirations of the Lib Dems for a fair society.

  3. “Steve Hyden (No party indicated)

    And is this the Steve Hyden that stood in the General Election for Labour in 2010?

  4. Hi Ross, I have received my letter today from the District Council. I could scan and email to you but don’t have an email address for you. I guess anyway that you need the confirmation direct from them. Will contact them.

  5. Hi Ross, I have checked and due to being a novice to electioneering – I had not read carefully enough. The list for Chadsmead I enquired about is for District Council elections. I am on your list for Boley Park (with a typo Christin instead of Christine). I am on the list for Chadsmead City election not District. Apologies – for my error. Please delete my comments if you like as they are now just clutter!

  6. Yeah – surely Wicox has to go?? How much more of a bad job does someone need to do to get kicked out? Lichfield literally cannot financially afford to keep him.

    All those voting in the upcoming elections – please just ask yourselves, “how much time can my preferred candidate give to the role of councillor”?. It’s an important question that I feel is often overlooked.

  7. Wonder if Hydens signatories thought he was standing for Labour? And Williscroft in Burntwood?

  8. If Alrewas and Fradley elect Mike Wilcox then I wager more than a few of us will look very dimly upon them.

  9. Robin Place…-a0180806493

    This chap sounds like a nightmare neighbor. I think this kind of behaviour is disgraceful of a former police officer and is not the sort of person that should be running in an election

  10. I am not standing for District in Chadsmead because there are just two places. Paul Ray and Miles Trent have been working for residents there for a long time. So I am supporting them in standing for the City Council there and if elected will work with them for local residents.

  11. Honestly! Derogatory comments from contributors are neither constructive or helpful in the process. Such opinions should be contained to the rubbish bin when it becomes personal. You wonder why Conservative, Labour, Lib Dems, Greens and even Independants fail to provide candidates for each ward when all they are likely to get is abuse from armchair contributors.

    All credit to anyone who wishes to stand for election to our councils whatever their persuasion to represent the whole district not just their ward. I for one have had great pleasure in representing Armitage with Handsacre Ward on LDC since 2003 and not to be self serving but working hard for the community I represent which now includes Kings Bromley and Hawksyard, the largest ward per electorate in the Lichfield District.

    Come on everyone and that means all candidates, party activists and the public to understand it is time for mutual respect for one and each other

  12. I agree with fellow LDC councillor, Cllr Richard Cox, and not for the first time! It’s too easy to criticise people for standing as candidates and Parties for not fielding candidates in every ward. I’ve had more than my share of personal abuse (including from current Conservative councillors and candidates) but the ballot box is where to air any grievances or perhaps directly with the individuals themselves or their Parties. We live in an open democracy and all councillors and candidates are contactable to test out their views and intentions.

  13. Elaine Kirkham – Booted off Hammerwich Parish Council for not attending the required number of council meetings. Seems she is standing for District and Burntwood Town Council but not Hammerwich Parish Council. Why? Embarrassed?

  14. Could anyone explain the situation with Keith Willis-Croft? When I saw his name I had swore he was labour in the last election? I tried to google him and found his twitter; @KeithWCroft where he states “Labour Town Councillor for Chasetown”. Has there been a mix up?

  15. Probably not PolTol. I know of a Cllr who was a Labour person but stood as a Conservative because this person knew they would not get elected as a Labour cllr in the ward they were standing for.

  16. He was a Labour Town Councillor for Chasetown Ward then resigned from the Town Council without giving any reason allowing Conservative Lichfield City Councillor (no, not a typo) Norma Bacon to be coopted on also on to Burntwood Town Council by her Conservative colleagues as well. She became s councillor for Lichfield District, Lichfield City and Burntwood. Three different wards I recall!

    Almost all of the Conservative Town Councillors who coopted her are not standing for the Town Council now and Mrs Bacon is standing for the district in Chase Terrace Ward but for the Town elsewhere!

    As for Mr Willis-Croft the Tories are beginning to think he is a plant by us but we’re not responsible for their selection process. He might now be making the (empty) threats, in meetings, that he used to make against Conservative district councillors and particularly Matthew Ellis as Police and Crime Commissioner against us.

    If he knocks on your door (unlikely) ask him what he used to say.

  17. Only viable option for Shenstone is the Greens then, which I can live with, although my suspicion is the abundance of octogenarians in Shenstone will see the Tories claim they ‘speak for the people.’

    If Mike Wilcox gets re-elected one has to wonder what the Conservatives would have to do to lose Lichfield, it almost feels like Mike Fabricant could rub the crack of his bottom against Johnson’s house and he’d still get in.

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