Lichfield District Council House
Lichfield District Council House

The Conservatives have retained control of Lichfield District Council.

Lichfield District Council House
Lichfield District Council House

The controlling group won 34 candidates in the local elections, but Labour saw their number of councillors rise to 10.

Two independent candidates also saw themselves elected, while the Liberal Democrats retained their one seat.

Full results – elected councillors in bold:

Alrewas and Fradley
Derick Cross (Cons) – 843
David Cullen (Lab) – 325
Michael Wilcox (Cons) – 790
Sonia Wilcox (Cons) – 748

Alison Wright (Lab) – 442

Armitage with Handsacre
Lindsey Baker (Lab) – 508
Nicholas Binney (Cons) – 663
Richard Cox (Cons) – 850

Steve Hyden (No party) – 457
Tom Marshall (Cons) – 799

Boley Park
Linda Dickins (Lib Dem) – 470
Janet Eagland (Cons) – 697
Veran-Elise Palmer (Lab) – 271
Christine Rapley (Lib Dem) – 361
Mark Warfield (Cons) – 639

Boney Hay and Central
Rob Birch (Lab) – 569
Di Evans (Lab) – 583

Thomas Loughbrough-Heron (Cons) – 400
Robin Place (Cons) – 464
Brad Westwood (Lab) – 510
Keith Willis-croft (Cons) – 491

Muriel Boyle (Cons) – 303
Kevin Casserley (UKIP) – 156
Joanne Grange (Ind) – 350
Sara Pritchard (Cons) – 190
Paul Ray (Lib Dem) – 461
Philip Sutcliffe (Lab) – 182
Mark Taylor (Lab) – 176
Miles Trent (Lib Dem) – 343

Chase Terrace
Brian Bacon (Cons) – 322
Norma Bacon (Cons) – 319
Sharon Banevicius (Lab) – 492
Steven Norman (Lab) – 505

Darren Ennis (Lab) – 391
Carolyn Gittings (Lab) – 279
Samuel Tapper (Cons) – 282

Colton and the Ridwares
Shirley Barnett (Cons) – 432
Colin Noble (Lab) – 155

Colin Ball (Lab) – 339
Christopher Cadwallader-Allan (Lib Dem) – 99
Daniel Floyd (Cons) – 244
Diane Harrison (Green) – 160
Anne Pitman (Lib Dem) – 133
Dave Robertson (Lab) – 280
Susan Smith (Cons) – 197

Kathryn Dwyer (Lab) – 299
Barry Gwilt (Cons) – 306
Janet Higgins (UKIP) – 284
James Parton-Hughes (Cons) – 368
Jenny Sadler (Lab) – 275

Hammerwich with Wall
Andy Bullock (Lab) – 322
Jamie Denton (Lab) – 314
Alastair Little (Cons) – 529
Janice Silvester-Hall (Cons) – 696

Wai-Lee Ho (Cons) – 533
Elaine Kirkham (Lab) – 331
Douglas Pullen (Cons) – 578
Jane Smith (Lab) – 384

Lee Cadwallader-Allan (Lib Dem) – 429
Jamie Checkland (Cons) – 790
Jamie Christie (Lib Dem) – 528
Iain Eadie (Cons) – 776
Paul Ecclestone-Brown (Greens) – 360
Paul Golder (Lab) – 285
Ian Jackson (Lib Dem) – 518
Rajesh Kulkarni (Lab) – 307
Kim Rochelle (Lab) – 291
Andy Smith (Cons) – 743

Mease Valley
Roger Bennion (Lib Dem) – 248
Ashley Yeates (Cons) – 293

Stuart Jones (Green) – 176
David Salter (Cons) – 374
David Thompson (Lab) – 142

St Johns
Hugh Ashton (Lib Dem) – 311
Deb Baker (Cons) – 629
Robyn Fawcett (Lab) – 342
Tim Matthews (Cons) – 613
Don Palmer (Lab) – 296
Simon Partridge (Greens) – 329
John Smith (Lib Dem) – 304
Christopher Spruce (Cons) – 558
Benjamin Watkins (Lab) – 333
Paul Yeo (Lib Dem) – 290

Jeyan Anketell (Ind) – 551
Alasdair Brooks (Lib Dem) – 323
Matthew Field (Lab) – 374
Colin Greatorex (Cons) – 561
Angela Lax (Cons) – 567
Paul McDermott (Lib Dem) – 381
Jon O’Hagan (Cons) – 455
Richard Rathbone (Lib Dem) – 406
Alan Schofield (UKIP) – 255
Christoper Wilkinson (Ind) – 285

Summerfield and All Saints
Bernard Brown (Lab) – 493
Laura Ennis (Lab) – 492

John Hitchin (UKIP) – 357
Ken Humphreys (Cons) – 470
Natasha Pullen (Cons) – 326
Roy Tovey (Lab) – 319
Heather Tranter (Cons) – 382

A number of seats had already been decided in uncontested wards:

Bourne Vale
Brian Yeates (Cons)

Little Aston and Stonnall
Elizabeth Little (Cons)
Joseph Powell (Cons)

Robert Strachan (Cons)

Whittington and Streethay
David Leytham (Cons)
Harry Warburton (Cons)
Alan White (Cons)


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15 replies on “Full local elections results for Lichfield District Council”

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  1. A poor turn out. Disappointing considering the local issues. The loyalty to the Conservatives is akin to loving a dog that keeps biting you. Nevertheless that is democracy and we get what we deserve. I won’t be calling for another vote as I respect the democratic process. Without effective opposition we can only expect more of what we have already been made to endure.

  2. So the mis-management of the District continues with Mrs Wilcox becoming Deputy Leader no doubt. Maybe some of the more intelligent Tories will move to oust Mr Wilcox and instal a more effective Leader with imagination, creativity, skill and entrepreneurship. On a positive note, there is a slightly stronger opposition in place to hinder the closed-door meetings and opaque decision-making.

  3. Bitterly disappointed that there were not more opposition councillors elected but angry that Wilcox is still in there, and yet again a pathetic turnout, whereby the majority; their own fault of course because they didn’t vote, will be ruled by the minority.

  4. Hard to understand what incompetence would make the grey vote stop giving these Tories a shoe-in?

    I assume we’ll have Fabricant declaring a mandate for Conservatism shortly, despite the national picture, closely followed by Pincher.

    Now you can see why the council green lights hundreds of retirement apartments near to the city centre, gentrification on a massive scale with the rest of Lichfield getting the scraps.

  5. @Darryl: Was the 2017 GE when both main parties agreed to honour the referendum result “corrupted” too?

  6. Thank you to everyone who voted for me. For a young first-time candidate, I think I did fairly well and I’m very happy to see so many people turn out in support of my policies. Congratulations to Jeyan Anketell who was elected as an independent for Stowe – at least one of us made it! You can be sure that I’ll continue to be a voice for Stowe residents regarding local issues, and with a foot now in the electoral door, I hope to make my presence greater in future. Thanks for your support.

  7. Thank you Steve – I’m delighted that Chadsmead residents have put their trust in me.

  8. Congratulations Joanne. Please make Cllr Wilcox’s life a misery over mismanagement!

  9. @Darryl…. Well we live in an age where law is a flexible arrangement. Apparently you can divulge state secrets to the newspapers when in high office without criminal prosecution. The PM has put herself in a position above the law and won’t prosecute an apparent traitor. Furthermore he won’t have the oppertunity to defend his denial and save his reputation. Is this another form of corruption? Or perhaps just old fashioned revenge.

  10. Thank you for the congratulations John. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for making anyone’s life miserable but if we can rephrase to something like working as hard as I can to contribute towards ensuring the correct level of scrutiny is applied to the leading group to ensure the best possible outcomes for the district, I think I can commit to that.

  11. DS – stranger things have happened. I guess she will be the mole in the Party telling Mr W when the others are plotting against him.

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