Cllr Mike Wilcox

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The Conservative leader at Lichfield District Council says he’s keen to work with other groups to ensure the right decisions are made for the area.

Cllr Mike Wilcox

Cllr Mike Wilcox was speaking after the local elections which saw the Tories retain control of the district council despite seeing their majority trimmed, while they also lost Burntwood Town Council to Labour.

But despite the shift in power, the Conservative leader insisted he was still committed to working in partnership with his Labour colleagues.

“One of the things I want us to do initially is to sit down with Burntwood Town Council – we need to work with them,” he told Lichfield Live.

“We need to work with other groups in and around Burntwood and in rural areas.

“We need to come together and do what’s right for the district.”

One person Cllr Wilcox will need to work closer with is his wife, Sonia, who was also elected as a Conservative councillor at Lichfield District Council.

Sonia and Mike Wilcox

The Tory leader admitted the pair had been battling to see who would come out on top of the poll.

“The biggest concern to me was that she didn’t get more votes than I did – and she just about didn’t,” he said.

“But I am delighted to see her on the council.”


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5 replies on “Conservative leader of Lichfield District Council committed to working with rivals from other groups after Labour success at Burntwood Town Council”

  1. At first when I read this I thought the Tory leader had used the word rivals. I was glad to see that it was just the title. Councillors of different parties should not be rivals. Surely they are elected for the common good of constituents and the wards they represent. A lot of the problem with UK politics is that Party politics gets in the way of the common good. This is why UK needs Proportional Representation. Which is what 80% of OECD countries use. Our First Past the Post system is not fit for purpose. That’s, I believe largely why our country is in such a mess. Conservative politics has dominated for far too long.

  2. While agreeing with Cllr Rapley’s sentiment, I suggest on Cllr Wilcox’s past record, she should not hold her breath waiting. The real decisions may still be made behind closed doors or in a golf club bar

  3. As Leader of the Labour Group I shall certainly be working for the benefit of Lichfield District as a whole whilst ensuring the voices of my Chase Terrace Ward residents, in particular, are heard at the Council. I shall also be holding the controlling group to account – a duty any Opposition has.

    All Lichfield District members have a duty to scrutinise proposals from the Cabinet – wthout a Party Whip – and to propose policies to the Cabinet.

    I too believe that abolishing the ‘First past the post’ voting system would encourage more candidates to stand for election and encourage more residents to vote as their vote would not be ‘wasted’ in wards – or constituencies. I’ll never forget when the Iron Curtain came down. Former Soviet countries sent repesentatives here to see how the ‘Mother of Parliaments’ worked. None went back to their new democratic freedoms to give their citizens any version of First past the post.

  4. I agree completely with everything that everyone has said so far on this. However, I’m afraid that I will remain sceptical until I can see for myself that decisions are no longer taken behind closed doors. I certainly hope that there will be real, active scrutiny of all decisions going forward. Councillors of all parties should play a full part in this, rather than just the Labour opposition, as was often the case for the past nine months or so of my time on the District Council. I will certainly be playing my full part to try to make that a reality.

  5. It’s all a lovely game.

    Waste millions of pounds. Mess up a project from start to finish. Make Lichfield a developers dream and a locals nightmare. Yet, all you care about is getting more votes than the wife. It really does say it all.

    Colin, I agree. We need the council to work together. If all goes well. It will be Conservatives and their strong economic controls.

    Fail and it will be Labour and their unrealistic expectations.

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