The Old Mining College Centre in Burntwood, home of Burntwood Town Council

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The outgoing chairman of Burntwood Town Council has hit out at some former colleagues for “continued questioning and a lack of support” from some councillors.

Pamela Stokes

Pamela Stokes, who has stepped down from the council, made her comments in her final chairman’s report.

It is due to be part of the first meeting of the new council on 15th May.

But the former Conservative councillor did not hold back in outlining the issues she claims to have faced.

“My last year as chairman has been wonderful and challenging,” she said.

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“Continuing to support and visit the many self-help groups and charities has been inspiring.

“It has been challenging because of the continued questioning and lack of support by some elected members.

“I have carried out my duties as chairman of Burntwood Town Council regardless.”

Mrs Stokes’ report revealed that she had been able to raise £730 each for her two nominated charities.

And she said that she believed there was still a role for civic leaders.

“It has been an honour to be an ambassador for Burntwood at civic functions elsewhere,” she said.

“I do hope the role as chairman continues for many years to come.”


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