Michael Fabricant

The MP for Lichfield and Burntwood has told Government ministers resigning over Brexit that they should “bottle their spite” and see the democratic process through.

Michael Fabricant

A number of key figures have already said they will not continue their roles under Boris Johnson if, as expected, he wins the race to succeed Theresa May as Prime Minister.

Sir Alan Duncan, Phillip Hammond and David Gauke are among those who have said they will stand down.

But Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said they were unlikely to have been part of Mr Johnson’s senior team anyway.

“They jumped before the were pushed,” he told followers on social media. “Remainers should bottle their spite and accept the democratic choice of their MPs and party members, and the democratic choice by the electorate on Brexit.

“No buts and no excuses.”

Founder of LichfieldLive and editor of the site.

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  1. “Bottle their spite”

    The words of a statesman, seeking to reconcile a deeply divided country?

    No, an adolescent jibe from a political pygmy.

  2. Self promoting pratt. If this moron spent half the time promoting Lichfield as he does promoting himself, we wouldn’t be in the mess we find ourselves in with the current council. He has the power to intervene in council policy, but does he?

  3. Fabricant your first duty is to the country, your second to ypur electorate. It is not to the ERG group nor the Brexit Party nor to your considerable self interest. It is you who should shut up amd serve the better interests you wers elected to represent. You know what will happen yet you pursue ideology first.

  4. Michael on to local issues that you can and should help to address. Sort out the breakdown between Staff C Council, Lichfield DC and Friary School and save Friary Grange Leisure Centre

  5. A 3-year-old decision based on lies and misinformation. A decision where the major Leave parties were ALL stating that a “managed exit” with “careful planning” and “a deal” would be available.

    Now all of this is being spun into “the will of the people” and a hard Brexit is “what people voted for”.

    A recession? Job losses? Paying hundreds to send your shipment abroad? Not having any deals in place? Mr Boris “Water Cannon” Johnson representing Britain?

    Not in my name. Mr Fabricant can stop telling us “Remainers” what to do – he’s just another self-serving slopping-shouldered MP who doesn’t represent the people who voted him in.

  6. You’ve got to love his hypocracy on the one hand he’s the epitanmy of Britishness a full on Brexiteer (tounge in cheek ) .
    On the other he supports a Mayor of an EU initiative ,the combined local authority .
    Me thinks Michael as ever is out for himself not his constituents and certainly not his country.

  7. Is this the same democratic choice that allows ~150,000 Tory party members choose the next prime minister of 65 million people in UK? The same democratic choice that will allow an unelected clueless PM to lead us into the biggest mistake of a generation?

  8. Says the man who has gone against the voters in his constituency and constantly rebuked all and any attempts to finalise Brexit by Mrs May. It’s time for him to stand down!

  9. @Ritesh Narshi, the Conservative Party members chose their next leader, as most organisations do.
    How many Prime Ministers have you voted for?
    See the new Lib-Dem leader has stated that if there’s a second referendum and leave wins again she still won’t accept the result!

  10. @Rob Voting for your party leader is one thing. The same, small group, which make up less than 0.5% of the UK population, voting for the nation’s Prime Minister is different. The system is hugely flawed and undemocratic. He’s not my chosen PM. That’s my (simple) point.

  11. He’s the leader of the party that happens to be in government. It’s only the constituents of the MP who leads the partythat forms a government that actually get to vote for him/her. What percentage of the UK population do they make? You didn’t think the whole country elected Prime Ministers did you?
    Still, it’s more than chose Gordon Brown and Theresa May.

  12. You’ve literally just made my point! Only the party constituents vote for a new PM for ALL of the UK. What about the rest of us who are entitled to a vote?

  13. Maybe familiarise yourself with the UK parliamentary electoral process? You seem to be confusing it with the US presidential system. That’s probably the result of pointless TV “debates” created to sate the ego of political presenters/pundits and draw in the reality TV mob.

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