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Councillors in Lichfield have agreed a motion recognising that a climate emergency is taking place.

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Members of Lichfield City Council made the agreement to consider the environmental impact of future spending decisions at a meeting on Monday (21st October).

The motion was proposed by Liberal Democrat councillor Hugh Ashton.

“I am very pleased that the city council has adopted this motion, joining nearly 250 county, unitary and district authorities from all over the UK in declaring that a climate emergency exists,” he said.

“I am particularly pleased that this motion has been agreed on a cross-party basis, with all parties contributing to the wording, to ensure that it can have maximum practical effect in the city council’s actions in the future.

“I welcome the fact that local parties were able to work together constructively on such an important issue.

“We can now ensure that the City Council does all it can to mitigate and reduce the effects of climate change.”

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4 years ago

Were the city council so busy with this that they neglected to support the residents of swallow croft in their objections to a proposed new food outlet. The council had no objections to it even though it was obvious to anyone the extra traffic nuisance it would cause. Staffordshire county council highway department could see it and refused approval. Perhaps the city councillors in future could actually visit sites before they waive through consent.

Alastair G Boyle
4 years ago

At a recent planning committee I attended as a visitor, one councillor was heard to comment during a debate on the Lichfield Southern bypass ‘…Congestion! We all live with conjestion in Lichfield, it’s a fact of life so whats a little bit more’ I believe this comment reveals what our local district councillors think about our local road network and the impact on our community.

4 years ago

He probably lived outside the city in one of the surrounding villages

4 years ago

My original post was regarding the city council, however many of those councillors are also on the district council. I suppose they just waive through plans because they will see them again at district level. So, why do we need both?