The Sankeys Corner car park

Controversial parking cameras in Burntwood have been removed after a local councillor raised concerns over the reliability of the system.

The automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system had been operating in the Sankeys Corner car park.

One of the poles where the ANPR cameras were previously positioned

But a number of drivers have complained about being fined for exceeding the three hour parking limit.

The cameras have now been removed after complaints were raised with the British Parking Association.

Cllr Steve Norman, Labour representative for the Chase Terrace ward on Lichfield District Council and Burntwood Town Council, said: “My colleagues have had a number of residents who have contact us since July, when the cameras were installed, to say they had parked for less than 20 minutes – perhaps on two consecutive days – and were receiving parking notices to say they were there over 24 hours.

“One disabled driver who lives less than a mile away was being fined £60 – £100 if paid in 28 days – for being there for eight hours.”

Cllr Norman had suggested the cameras breached the British Parking Association’s code of practice, which states:

You must keep any ANPR equipment you use in your car parks in good working order. You need to make sure the data you are collecting is accurate, securely held and cannot be tampered with. The processes that you use to manage your ANPR system may be audited by our compliance team or our agents.

“I am waiting for their latest response but believe the cameras have been removed for replacement or repair in response to these and other complaints,” Cllr Norman said.

“I support the generous 3 hours parking because some drivers were parking their cars at Sankeys Corner and catching a bus to Walsall to shop. This was unfair on the traders and something needed to be done. 

“I am hoping that in future only motorists who genuinely abuse the free parking are caught.”


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2 replies on “Cameras removed from Burntwood car park after complaints”

  1. If anyone gets caught in this way, it’s definitely worth using your Google Maps history as evidence. Go to Maps on your phone, click the Menu (top left), then “Your Timeline”. You can scroll back to a certain day and you can prove that you were only in a certain area for a set length of time. Good for using as evidence in appeals.

  2. Good idea, but that only shows where your mobile had been.
    You could park there of an evening, walk home then back of a morning

  3. Public started it. Parking then catching a bus or other form of commuting. You did it. Stop taking the Firs club spaoces. You obviously can’t read or either ignorant or thick.

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