Doug Pullen
Doug Pullen

The leader of Lichfield District Council has called on people to “redouble” their efforts to help tackle the rise in local coronavirus cases.

A warning was issued last night (9th October) about a surge in local cases.

In a video message released on social media, Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of Lichfield District Council, said the infection rate was 82.1 per 100,000 people across Lichfield and Burntwood.

The figure across the rest of Staffordshire is currently 65 per 100,000.

Cllr Pullen warned restrictions could be on the horizon if the rate of infection is not reduced.

“Over the last few weeks cases of COVID-19 have increased notably in Lichfield district.

“There’s no single source of infection that’s been identified – transitions have been recorded in care homes, in schools, in households and businesses as well.

“My plea is to redouble your efforts. This is really the time for us to ensure we don’t have any further lockdown restrictions placed upon us here in Lichfield and Burntwood.”

Cllr Doug Pullen

Cllr Pullen said people needed to follow the basic advice on helping to prevent the virus spreading.

“It’s the simple things that will make the biggest difference – wash your hands, cover your face and keep space between you and others.

“Together we can beat this and we can ensure that we don’t end up having any additional lockdown measures placed upon us.”

Cllr Doug Pullen


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

22 replies on “Council leader urges people in Lichfield and Burntwood to “redouble” their efforts to halt rise in local coronavirus cases”

  1. At a time when C-19 infections in Lichfield and surroundings are apparently rising and confusion on infection rates exists, would it be appropriate for Lichfield Live – as our daily source of information – to post available statistics and data for the benefit of us all?

  2. I would like to see mr pullen redouble his efforts along with the rest of LDC to make lichfield a better place and not Staffordshires forgotten city. Instead of pontificating about what the residents of this city should be doing regarding covid.

  3. More localised figures about the rise in infection would be helpful, I agree – it’s really hard to make sense of the general ones. Especially as there seems to be a faint sense of dread abroad in the city. I saw a woman in Tesco this week spray not only the handle of her trolley, but the wheels as well….!

  4. From what I witnessed in Waitrose on Friday morning I think maybe Mr Pullen should take his message to the streets. In the fruit and veg section there was little, if any, social distancing with people just inches from each other, face coverings were draped below noses. The generational cohort involved were possibly those who do not always use social media. They were also the generation who apparently stick to all the rules; it appears that on Friday they forgot.
    Thankfully my visit was very brief, that department of the store was truly terrible.

  5. Concerned citizen never had any problems with Waitrose and everything is cleaned after use,the only people I have problems with is young mums who block an idle whilst chatting

  6. The situation Concerned Citizen highlights has been the same in that store for the last monthbor more. The more elderly customer base by far the worst culprits and incredibly prickly if you politely ask them to observe safe practices. Lots of condemnation of the youth of today for failing to understand basic safety advice, but my experience has been the 60+ age group is just as bad if not worse.
    Little wonder there is a “spike”.
    I am 58 and do not feel I have to be reminding those older than myself about basic common sense.
    I applaud Cllr Pullen’s statement. But it is correct to say those who really need to hear it will remain oblivious and ignorant due to their unuse of social media anc the Internet.

  7. I am concerned that the rate has gone up from 20 cases per week two weeks ago to 80 cases this week and if the statistics are true we will hit 170 within next 10 days.
    What is happening to these people though, are they getting mild cases and then recovering, are there any deaths and are the hospital’s becoming stretched. We need this information to encourage us all that this is much more serious than those shopping in the vegetable aisles think it is.

  8. Barry it is the 40 age group who push and shove,us older generation where instilled with politeness the young are not. Goes for their driving too

  9. I agree that too much of the blame is being placed on younger people. There are irresponsible people of every age and it is misleading to insist that the problem is all down to twenty-somethings having house parties. Since lock down ended too many people of all ages seem to think that it is all over and we can go back to normal. It is not over and we all need to abide by social distancing. We need to think of our hardworking NHS staff and accept restrictions on our lives for their sakes.

  10. Mike – no you are wrong. The older age group go in there for social chit-chat and ignore social distancing and flout the mask rule. The younger shoppers are being as courteous as possible but get short shrift from the older generation who are blinkered, rude and ignorant. The fact you are trying to point the finger at those doing it right while you are at fault says it all.
    The older shoppers also drive too fast in the car park, go the wrong way down one way bits, ignore the crossings and never indicate.
    They are the real scourge and cause of this spike.
    I only hope in 2 years time when I teach 60 that I do not suddenly turn into an arrogant fool lacking common sense and ignorant of all those around me.

  11. Barry I have used Waitrose since it opened it is the young who cause the problems ask the staff and I include 58 year ignorants in the shop among those

  12. I want into B&M city centre Lichfield on Saturday and made a pretty quick exit.
    Too many people in the shop. Queues going down the shop.
    Impossible to social distance.
    Come on B&M, you are a popular shop but consider the safety of your staff and customers.

  13. It seems to me that it’s very easy to point the finger at different age groups.
    Fact of the matter is, govt is allowing people to mix in ways which can only benefit the virus. I mean, I’m going nowhere near a pub it’s too risky in my opinion. But, it’s allowed, so do I blame individuals who go and then forget every tiny rule? No.
    I blame the govt and all those who built the rules as they are.
    From experience I’ve seen all age groups wearing masks incorrectly, all age groups with those not wearing masks, all age groups sitting on benches having non socially-distanced chats…it’s not people we should blame, it’s the inept govt.
    These rules are useless to reduce a virus, they’re making things up in an attempt to look like they’re doing something. Meanwhile, they’re bringing in terrible, draconian laws and we’re all moaning at each other, letting them get away with it.

  14. I am intrigued and surprised at the number of comments based on my trip to Waitrose.
    Unfortunately, on Friday morning I encountered many people who appeared to be of post-retirement age mingling and seemingly ignoring social distancing guidelines, I say “appeared to be post-retirement” as this is what they looked like, unless Mike is suggesting that the people I saw were teenagers dressed-up as grans and grandads.
    Barry Scott is quite correct in his round-up –nobody dare challenge an older person, apparently they can do nothing wrong!
    And as for the driving comment “Mike”, which by the way is irrelevant, the driving test that young people now take is a two-part test which requires not only many lessons but also a large financial investment, the days of “dad” teaching you how to drive have gone, learners have to demonstrate a statutory number of lessons with a driving instructor.
    My late date would have been 87 this year, the day he passed his driving test he reversed into a tree… and still passed! Would that happen now? No, and a jolly good job too.

  15. Mike – ignorance is bliss, so you stay happy in your own little world and take no notice of what is happening around you. Like most older shoppers in Waitrose – which I have also shopped in since it first opened.

  16. @Denise, I think the B&M on the Eastern Avenue was probably full on Saturday afternoon. And Lidl. And the new Iceland Food Warehouse. And maybe the Pure Gym as well? Just going on the sheer volume of cars in the car park, observed from the other side of Eastern Avenue on my walk, so I may be wrong, of course. I am no fan of the this government, but people need to be sensible and think for themselves instead of waiting to be told what to do. Seriously, these places are open 12 hours a day 6/7 days a week, and we also have this thing called the internet – why are people still piling into the shops all at the same time on a Saturday afternoon?! At least you had the sense to turn around and walk out, why can’t other people do the same?

    As Kitty says though, I think the government is to be blamed too for muddying the waters with confusing messaging, encouraging people to go and eat out, etc.

  17. Seems to be some muddled thinking going on. Criticism of draconian laws but then moaning that people are allowed to do lots of things. The government have done a lot of damage with confusing, often nonsensical rules, the Dominic Cummings affair, dithering over scientific advice and so on. People have done a lot of damage, attending illegal raves and street parties, flocking to crowded beaches, not wearing masks or social distancing when they should and so on. Controlling the virus spread is a shared responsibility. If people don’t play their part and government don’t get their act together, we are all going to have a pretty grim winter.

  18. Here is a quote from a newspaper in Tier 3 area. Confusing isn’t the word if you are a B & B owner
    “Travel Advice: It is not Illegal to travel in to a Tiered 3 area though the government advise against it. They also advise against making overnight stays in Tier 3 areas. This is advise rather than law. In spite of this advice, Hotels/B&Bs in Tier 3 areas are not being asked by the government to close and the government want them to continue trading (confusing we know!).”

  19. Argos and Screwfix are to be applauded for their Covid procedures. Went into Argos rugeley the other day and they are still continuing with them. Unlike other major shops where it just seems up to the customers, basically a free for all.

  20. There is no doubt that the Cummings effect has had a large influence on people’s attitudes to obeying the restrictions.
    With Boris protecting him who can blame them. It is not helped further by the fact he has escaped paying £30000 back council tax on his illegally built property in Durham.
    Perhaps he should be renamed dodgernic!

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