People in Lichfield and Burntwood are being told that not sticking to coronavirus rules will lead to tighter local restrictions.

Cllr Alan White

The comments come from Staffordshire County Council’s leader after the Government unveiled a new three tier system of COVID-19 measures.

Staffordshire is currently in the medium tier, meaning it has avoided some of the tighter restrictions seen in areas such as Liverpool.

But after warnings about rising infection rates across Lichfield and Burntwood, Cllr Alan White said people could not afford to become complacent.

“COVID-19 is tightening its grip everywhere, including in Staffordshire where cases are rising fast in parts of the county.

“We have worked hard to protect the vulnerable and we continue to act swiftly to contain outbreaks to help reduce the risk to both lives and livelihoods.

“But the situation in Liverpool is a stark reminder of what could happen here if we don’t act now, so we are asking people of all ages to redouble their efforts to help keep Staffordshire safe.

“Complacency is COVID-19’s biggest friend and the consequences of not sticking to the rules are now in our own hands.”

Cllr Alan White, Staffordshire County Council


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9 replies on “Lichfield and Burntwood residents told not sticking to coronavirus rules will mean tighter restrictions under new three tier system”

  1. Cllr White – Professor Whitty himself was crystal clear yesterday – tier 3 measures won’t be enough to contain the virus on their own.
    It therefore seems we are doomed to failure here in tier 1 and unless we can stop mixing and doing ‘normal’ things for a couple of weeks and get track and trace running properly, I fear we’re going to be in special measures for a long time to come.
    People are doing what they can, it isn’t our fault it’s spreading it’s because we’re allowed to move around and mix, it’s down to govt failures.

  2. I agree with everything Kitty has written. Complacency will be our downfall if we don’t stringently adhere to the rules.

  3. Complacency is what has got into this state.
    This is an issue for all generational age groups and I have to say it is the older people who are not necessarily setting the right example. Young people react to what they see from those supposedly older and wiser.
    I have seen people criticise teenagers for not thinking about the impact their actions might have on parents and grandparents. Yet they are often following the example set by those same parents and grandparents.
    The example being set by our political leaders and those unelected people with influence and power is also well below the standard we should expect.
    We are being failed by a lack of leadership. Our comparatively young council leader in Lichfield District has impressed me often in recent months, but he seems to be waging a losing battle with the older, more blinkered members of his own party who blindly follow the “party line” even when it is patently wrong.
    Our MP’s profile now seems to be a figure of fun and ridicule.
    There is little hope of escaping this winter without some serious consequences.

  4. Agree with most of what has been said, but would take issue with something Kitty said. It’s not our fault because we’re allowed to move around and mix, and therefore a government failing? That makes me a bit uncomfortable. Where is personal responsibility in all of this? Just because we are allowed to do something doesn’t mean we should. Does common sense come into this? Thousands of our fellow citizens behaved irresponsibly through the lock down because a lot of things were guidance so they decided to ignore it rather than be sensible. Was that a government failing or was it the fault of selfish people? Sometimes things are our fault and no-one else’s.

  5. How can we possibly blame the government for individuals not adhering to the guidelines. Some say it’s the younger generation, others the older generation , let’s be clear it’s every generation. Everyone has their own opinion on what’s right or wrong and some will say the virus is not as deadly as it’s made out to be and this is all about control. The government aren’t babysitters and I wouldn’t want them to be. Whoever was in power would not get this right it’s very easy to criticise when your not the one making those difficult decisions.

  6. The people are always going to be blamed for not sticking to the rules that seem to be drawn up on the back of a cigarette pscket. Pubs and restaurants closing at 10pm surely it would be better off with no entry after 9pm shutting the doors and letting landlords manage the situation with people leaving in their own time within the licensed hours of the establishment. Plus there is no proper track and trace system or leadership of the nation

  7. Hi John Allen, yes, I mean the govt says we are free to circulate responsibly as per tier 1 here. So people will, because the govt says they can. One person’s common sense is another’s gross stupidity. You can’t blame people for not wearing masks properly or mingling at the fruit & veg counter if they actually can go & do that. It’s called life.
    But my point is, these measures whether we all adhere 100% or not, just aren’t going to stop the virus circulating. We will therefore all be blamed for further lockdown measures instead of govt setting up breakers & checks to help us all now.
    Individuals are responsible for their actions of course, but the fact is this is all going to fail because biology doesn’t respect human interaction. Better track & trace is needed.

    Karen Perry – I swear I could’ve come up with a better monitoring system back on my old Acorn Electron…actually I was part of an avian flu pandemic disaster recovery plan a decade ago at work and we had plans for isolating staff, getting them home safely, monitoring their family…it really isn’t that difficult if you actually try to think like a virus…not about babysitting at all, it’s about clear, honest, truthful guidance. Obviously this is massively scaled up but we elect people to take these difficult decisions on our behalf.

    The govt has failed dreadfully in its pandemic response and now we’re beginning to blame each other, it seems.

    Where is the leadership, clear guidance, basic public health warnings if you think they’re needed, on how to properly wear a mask etc…
    Absolute total abject failure of leadership.

  8. Karen – other countries and their governments seem to have managed a lot better than us. I don’t want babysitting. I want leadership and clear, common sense direction from a Government that treats us like adults.
    We are not simpering fools who cannot be trusted and cannot follow clear guidelines. But that is exactly how this Government has treated us. What is worse is we let them do it.
    The lack of accountability is staggering. I would also expect far more scrutiny from the national media.
    Those looking to excuse our Government are part of the problem – I say that as a life-long Conservative supporter.

  9. Agree with a lot said again, this government has been spectacularly inept at dealing with the pandemic. This doesn’t excuse the foolish behaviour by a lot of people. You can’t blame people for not wearing masks properly etc? Yes we can! It’s not rocket science. The fact that the majority of people seem to have grasped the importance of them and how to wear them properly suggests that those who don’t aren’t wearing them because they don’t want to, exemptions excluded. This kind of irresponsible behaviour is only going to prolong the virus and cost more lives, irrespective of what some buffoon in Downing Street says or does

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