Council chiefs say figures show it is delivering more affordable new homes than expected.

Lichfield District Council House

Lichfield District Council said it had worked with housing providers and developers to ensure the construction of 206 properties in the past financial year – up from the target of 158.

Councillor Angela Lax, cabinet member responsible for housing, said the local authority was determined to do what it can to ensure affordable homes were delivered as part of the council’s new homelessness and rough sleeping strategy.

“We know that the affordability of housing is still a significant issue for many of our residents so I’m really pleased that we finished well ahead of this particular target to provide new affordable homes in the district.

“Being able to achieve good quality and affordable housing is important to health and wellbeing and essential in providing sustainable communities which is why this remains a key part of our housing strategy”.


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8 replies on “Council chiefs say number of affordable homes being built in Lichfield and Burntwood is above target”

  1. These targets are nothing but a smokescreen that the Government applies to try and mask the fact that the UK is suffering a severe housing crisis that previous administrations have failed to address and which it is not prepared to tackle either.

    Along with Right To Buy, Help To Buy and planning reforms these headlines shout a lot, but atually achieve very little. The National Audit Office has made its feelings very clear on Help To Buy and the Government’s land disposal strategy, both of which have been heavily criticised for failing to address the housing problems the country faces and failing to provide value for money. Indeed the NAO has consistently criticised the Government’s housing performance as being sub-standard without any clear direction or ultimate goals.

    So LDC might well be on target. But if the targets are wrong to begin with then it makes no difference at all and in fact is more likely to worsen the housing crisis we have.

  2. There does seem to be a lot of “trumpet blowing” by my fellow Conservatives about this. But I find very little reason to celebrate. Poor planning, building on the cheap and not providing adequate services for these developments is not worth applauding at all.

  3. Affordable by who? There’s an abundance of very low cost properties for the elderly, that’s all. First time, 2nd time or even 3rd time buyers have no chance in Lichfield. I moved from Lichfield after living there for 25 years, 3 miles out and got a property half the price and twice the size. Go figure.

  4. Richard have you looked at the cost of these retirement homes, first is purchase price, then maintenance costs, then car park price all of which are annual except it is yours and can only be sold through the original developer

  5. In order for this announcement to mean anything I think we need some definition of what is meant by affordable, and who precisely will be able to afford them. House prices in Lichfield have long been way above those in surrounding areas, with some of them being frankly ridiculous. Does ‘affordable’ mean something different than in the rest of the country?

  6. I would suggest to any reader, go into the town on any given day and just see who the people are pottering round and round the charity shops , same route same shops each day , it should give you an idea of our current housing status , then ask yourself what generates more , the current crop of city dwellings or new build for young families , unfortunately this is how landlords and out city council currently rock , greed will always come first.

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