Plans to reduce carbon footprint, improve air quality and enhance natural environments have been agreed by county councillors.

The proposals form part of Staffordshire County Council’s Climate Change Action Plan.

It includes changes to ensure tackling environmental issues is at the centre of the organisation’s activities, both in terms of decision making and practical projects such as increasing the use of LED lighting and the use of biomass or solar energy.

Cllr Julia Jessel, cabinet member for environment, infrastructure and climate change, said:

“Climate Change is a huge and complex issue which impacts our lives now and for generations to come, but we can all do our bit to make a difference. 

“We have to put climate change at the centre of our day-to-day thinking, so it permeates everything we do as a county council.

“We have made some excellent progress so far; reducing our carbon footprint by half, and putting in measures and pledging £1.2 million earlier in the year to tackling climate change, but we need to do more.

“Together we will make a difference.”

Cllr Julia Jessel, Staffordshire County Council


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