A report has backed plans for a Lichfield shop unit to be converted into a takeaway.

The proposal for the unit at 32 Swallow Croft will be debated by Lichfield District Council’s planning committee next week.

The shop unit that could become a takeaway at Swallow Croft

But despite objections from Lichfield City Council, a report to the meeting has backed the proposal.

The site was formerly an angling shop and is currently occupied by a cake business.

Lichfield City Council had objected to the plan due to potential issues caused by cooking smells for nearby properties.

A report to the district council planning committee said a condition would need to be added if the scheme was approved.

“With regards to odour and noise, the environmental health team have outlined some concerns.

“Notwithstanding this, it is the view of the environmental health officer that should planning approval be recommend that a condition be incorporated to control any odour and noise issues prior to the new kitchen facility being brought into first use.

“This would involve a scheme for the control of odour and noise from the kitchen extractor being submitted to and agreed in writing.

“The measures agreed should be implemented and retained thereafter.”

Planning report

Other objections from locals had raised concerns around the increased traffic and parking the change of use would bring.

But the report said these would not be grounds to refuse the new takeaway.

“The county highways team have clearly stated that there are no highways grounds for objection to the proposed hot food takeaway.

“The proposal is therefore considered acceptable on highway grounds and that traffic issues is not a reason to warrant a refusal in this instance.”

Planning report

The planning committee meeting will take place on 14th December.

4 replies on “Report backs plan for shop unit in Lichfield to be converted into takeaway”

  1. Enough is enough surely?There are already two takeaway cooked food outlets in the immediate area literally within yards of the proposed other cooked food establishment.
    Perhaps a little common sense could prevail!

  2. What about the litter – as you all know; what always happens with a fast food takeaway – you only have to look in Dimbles Lane by the chip shop to see all the disgarded chips and papers which are being gladly eaten by the pidgeons etc; do we really want even more of this?? Which WILL HAPPEN!; It always does! Maybe the people who “approve” this could help to pick up the litter from this?

  3. I think the business that the litter emanates from should do a regular litter pick outside their premises during opening hours and immediately after closing time.

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