Michael Fabricant
Michael Fabricant

Lichfield’s MP has been criticised by a Labour councillor for an “offensive” social media post referencing the D-Day anniversary.

Conservatives in Westminster are voting to decide whether to keep Boris Johnson as leader tonight (6th June).

Michael Fabricant had earlier shared a post about the anniversary of the D-Day landings in the Second World War by adding “June 6th The Longest Day 1944; and 2022 (in a different way)”.

But Cllr Dave Robertson, Labour representative for Curborough ward at Lichfield District Council said the post was “in grossly poor taste”.

“This latest comment about the fallout from Partygate really is the most offensive yet.

“The Conservative party vote tonight is an important issue and one he should be taking more seriously, but it cannot be compared to the sacrifice of thousands of servicemen on D-Day.

“Anyone who is serious about remembering and honouring the fallen should know better than cheapening their memory to make a political point.

“Mr Fabricant’s tweet is in grossly poor taste and it should be deleted.”

Cllr Dave Robertson, Lichfield District Council

But Mr Fabricant said:

“I was merely saying it’s a long day for Boris as it famously was in 1944 for those soldiers – it was known as ‘The Longest Day’.

“As I said in my tweet, that was in very different circumstances. There was obviously no loss of life involved.

“But it’s a little bit desperate of Dave to waste time on all that.”

Michael Fabricant

The vote tonight will require 180 Conservative MPs to vote against Mr Johnson to see him removed as Prime Minister.

Mr Fabricant has already stated his intention to back the Prime Minister in the wake of Partygate.

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  1. He’s a disgrace to us all.
    I just hope you and other parties can come to some agreement so that next election, this foul tory party is not in govt.

  2. In some ways I can understand the desire of Lichfield constituents to vote Tory. What I cannot understand is why the Lichfield Conservatives continue to endorse the embarrassment that is Fabricant! His contributions in Parliament are limited to sycophantic statements, he doesn’t hold surgeries and replies to enquiries are robotic boilerplates. Come on Lichfield, you surely can do better!

  3. Absolutely. How does he keep getting voted back in? Boris is a disgrace, and Fabricant is displaying similar traits. They most both learn to think about the impact on ordinary people and their lives when they open their mouths. Consult brain before speaking.
    Disgusting, both of them.

  4. Fabo your days as the MP for Lichfield are numbered, you are a complete disgrace to our wonderful city

  5. Oh god, what now?? How on Earth is this man still able to represent anything, let alone a constituency? If he were a celebrity or sportsman, sponsors would be leaving in their droves….how come he gets to just stay continue being grossly inappropriate and offensive? Serious question..!

    I’m not anti Conservative, but I’m very anti-Fabricant. The man’s a disgrace.

  6. This man really can’t read the room can he?! And it seems he has no idea what an apology is. How much more have we got to be embarrassed by him?
    The sooner he goes along with his boss the better.

  7. It’s even more embarrassing to see Fabbo’s ridiculous, everlasting support of Boris. His comments are idiotic and hurtful to many. Top tap 1 tweeted “Michael Fabricant is an irrelevant twerp. God knows how stupid his constituents are”. I now feel compelled to avoid telling strangers I live in Lichfield.

  8. So this complete fool has referenced Johnson & 1944 in the same sentence what a comparison!
    Those were real MEN!
    Fabricant & Johnson? Words fail me, utter unintelligent idiot’s the pair of them.

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