shovelA Specialist police team has been helping to try and solve an archaeological mystery near Lichfield.

Officers from Staffordshire Police were called in to help with a search of an area of Hammerwich after archaeologists dug up items including bones.

After the discovery near the junction of Barracks Lane and the Lichfield Road specialist officers joined the archaeologists working on the project.

A spokesman for Staffordshire County Council, who were involved in the initial dig, said:

“There has been some bone, pottery and some metal items found. The police were asked to help scan the field for further metal items and they were able to send a team along on Monday and Tuesday, but apparently they haven’t found anything.”

A spokesman for Staffordshire Police added:

“A small number of our officers trained in land search techniques have been providing logistical support.”

All of the items found as part of the archaeological project are being analysed and a report will be published in due course.


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